henry: today you are one!

Henry 1st bday party 109 Henry 1st bday party 111

henry, today you are one!

today beck is your favorite. you love to hug him and roll on top of him and talk to him in a soft sing-song voice; luckily he has learned to accept it.

today you have four teeth, with a space between your top front teeth and another top tooth on the way.

today you still have the biggest, bluest, most beautiful eyes that everyone compliments everywhere we go. i’m glad the blue is here to stay.

today you are a flirt with all women we see while we’re out and about. you smile at them until they notice you.

today you have the biggest and best smile, all the time. smiling’s your favorite.

today you say “da” for dog…and for everything else (i think especially for “that”). it can get frustrating for both of us when you want “da” and i don’t know what “da” is.

today you are officially a walker, and are a walking machine. your arms are always up in the air for balance still, but you’re picking up speed.

today everything is a walker to you – a stool, a chair, a ladder, the laundry basket. and when things don’t move well you get mad.

today you dislike the  car.

today you have discovered screaming and yelling, especially in the car.

today you are a skinny but have a big ‘ol belly that is my favorite. you weigh 20 pounds.

today you love putting things in drawers and cabinets. if i am missing something i have to go on a hunt through all of them. sometimes you find a sippy cup of milk the next day in a drawer before i do and drink it (yuck). we’ve also had to lock the garbage can for this reason.

today you are such a sweet boy. the cuddles we have are my favorite. when you put your head on my shoulder i melt. and your kisses!

today you give the best kisses. they are slobbery and open-mouthed. usually you give multiple kisses in a row. sometimes they have to be on the mouth.

today you love hair. my hair is like your security blanket. you pat other people’s hair.

today you are not a happy camper when you wake up.

today you love going to the pool. but you don’t like swimming in the lake (yet). you like to dunk mom under the water and climb up the water slides.

today you love snacks. i give you a snack to stop your whining when i need to do something, and it works.

today you love blueberries, but not when you’re sick. you also love breakfast foods and dessert (just like mommy!).

today you keep your left hand in the air while you’re eating. it also goes in your hair while eating, every meal.

today your hair is a light brown/blondish mix, with some red tones.

today you are so silly. you may be a class clown.

today i am lucky to be your mom.

cake face plant


(i stole the concept of this post from yours truly, i thought it was such a sweet way to capture exactly how henry is every year).

(henry’s birthday party pics to come!)


One thought on “henry: today you are one!

  1. Henry is so lucky to have you for his Mom. You appreciate and can articulate every little nuance Henry has to offer. Thank you for sharing his 1st year of life so freely with all of us. He’s incredible and so are you!!

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