henry’s little man first birthday party

welcome to henry’s little man first birthday party! i couldn’t decide on a theme, but when i came across a mustache sandwich cutter in a store a while back, the little man theme of mustaches and bow ties was decided, especially since we have in fact called henry our “little man”. while the theme worked out, i didn’t actually use the mustache cutter for anything for the party, ha! actually i attempted to cut brownies with it but that did not work out so well. and i planned on making pb&j’s for the kids with it, but…i forgot. oh well, i am glad the cutter got me to make a decision…and henry can have mustache pb&j’s whenever he wants now.

invite(i designed the invitations in illustrator, then just printed them as 5×7 photos.)

i do not recommend throwing the first big party you’ve ever thrown less than a month after moving into a new house that isn’t “ready” when you move in. although it is a good motivator for getting things done, there were many late nights and very little relaxation for weeks. (with all the activity i would have thought i would have at least lost a couple pounds, but no.) but! the house is looking great and the party was a success! we had great turnout of family and friends (though i wish i could have talked to each of them for longer, though i guess that’s how it goes when you’re the host), the rain stopped just in time, the food was delicious (so. many. leftovers. but better than running out, my biggest party fear.) and henry got a boatload of new, fun toys and some cute clothes. the best part was henry’s cake smash. he cried when everyone sang happy birthday (a bit overwhelming to have 50 people singing i think) and wouldn’t touch the cake until ryan turned him away from the crowd (a bit shy). then he dug in, and blue frosting was in his hair, smeared in his armpit, up his arms and even on me. just when i thought he was done (and i put away my big camera) he went headfirst into the cake and took a bite with no hands – it was cake smash perfection. i’m so glad i happened to be taking a photo with my phone when it happened. we cheered and then he cried. then it was bath time ๐Ÿ™‚ and during present opening, he was so engaged with every present, it was amazing.

here’s a boatload of pictures for your viewing pleasure (maybe?). you’ll also get some sneaks peeks at the progress of our house. i sucked at taking pictures of the attendees of the party, apart from a couple crowd photos, boo.

outside balloons(i was so excited to have a mailbox to tie balloons to)
foyer dining room

(those big ass prints? from staples. the ‘engineering’ print. $3.50. not kidding. and they come even bigger, for like $5. i just used spray adhesive to mount them to foam core boards and trimmed {then humidity came and they wrinkled – i suggest putting mod podge over them if you want to keep them, which i may go back and do after smoothing out}). scallop dining roon dessert table Henry 1st bday party ombre smash cake (dudes, i was soooo proud of this blue ombre smash cake i made. it turned out perfectly.)
cake (the cake was from costco. cheap and good, though the decoration options were kind of cheesy. ah well.)
Henry 1st bday party chalkboard monthly photos Henry 1st bday party month 12 (i made a special 12 month photo for the party ๐Ÿ™‚ )
fireplace Henry 1st bday party tassels (tassels are the bomb. every party may be tasselfied in the future.)

Henry 1st bday party 1 balloon Henry 1st bday drinks Henry 1st bday party straws mustache straws(so these weren’t used very much…but it was the thought that counted, right?)

tent Henry 1st bday party inside tent Henry 1st bday party family pic Henry 1st bday party 062 Henry 1st bday party 065 Henry 1st bday party 071 Henry 1st bday party 070 party Henry 1st bday party 126 kate and henry Henry 1st bday party 161 henry and the stachebrooke Henry 1st bday party 170 Henry 1st bday party 173 Henry 1st bday party 175Henry 1st bday party 177 Henry 1st bday party 187 Henry 1st bday party 184 Henry 1st bday party 182 Henry 1st bday party 072 Henry 1st bday party 075 us and henry cake Henry 1st bday party 102 Henry 1st bday party 108 Henry 1st bday party 109 Henry 1st bday party 110 Henry 1st bday party 111 Henry 1st bday party 116 Henry 1st bday party 118 cake smash face plant(seriously. awesome.)

family helpers(my awesome helpers)

all of the decorations were made by me (in love, they turned out just as i had envisioned), with some help from recruited family members. they’re glad the party’s over, too.

it’s bittersweet the party is over. it was such a big thing to look forward to, but it was also stressful and a lot of work. but it was worth it. especially that cake smash. i’m already planning on scaling back the party for next year. of course we’ll see how that works out for me…

it was the happiest of birthdays, the best way to celebrate my little man turning the big 1.


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