life lately

well shhhh…shnikeys. this summer is going fast. july is almost over, which means it’s almost august which means it’s almost fall which means it’s almost christmas which means it’s almost 2014. and i’ve sucked at blogging (you can always see what i’m up to on instagram though, i’m a insta-addict. user name of jstuck). i do have lots to update any readers still out there,  but honestly it just hasn’t been a priority. and honestly i’ve been pretty lazy lately. not like, lazy lazy, but house projects and editing pictures and spending time on the computer lazy. i think the push to get things done before henry’s party kind of burned me out. i haven’t done any house project done in weeks. and there’s many a project to do still, even fun stuff like decorating (hello hanging things on the wall – though i’m hesitant to do so because i spent so much time and/or money painting those darn walls), but i also think i’m paralyzed by  indecision of what to do next since there is so much to do. but here’s some pics of what i have been up to since henry’s party.

a little photo shoot…

henry one

…henry’s first time boating…

boating henry and i Henry 1st bday party 193 Henry 1st bday party 206 Henry 1st bday party 208 boating

…fourth of july…

iphone pics 239 iphone pics 214 iphone pics 202 iphone pics 197 fourth of july 024 fourth of july 017 fourth of july 005 fourth food fourth of july

…cousins visiting…

iphone pics 222 cousins

…and lots of eating, playing, torturing loving beck, pool fun, playing with friends and more!thomas rideiphone pics JULY 048 iphone pics JULY 016 iphone pics JULY 015 iphone pics JULY 012 iphone pics JULY 007 iphone pics JULY 025 iphone pics JULY 027 iphone pics JULY 023 iphone pics JULY 033 swiffering beck iphone pics 231 iphone pics 195 iphone pics 192 iphone pics 191 iphone pics 190 iphone pics 189 iphone pics 187 iphone pics 183 iphone pics 179 iphone pics 171 family walkwagon ride

hope you’re enjoying your summer t00!

(p.s. i started this post on monday and it’s now saturday…yea…)



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