twelve months

better late than never, right?

12 months

his twelfth month was a big one, even apart from, you know, turning ONE. it was the month he officially became a walker! huge, people, huge. some things he picks up really fast, like knocking on a door after i did it twice for him, but others, like clapping and waving, just don’t happen for months and months of teaching, until out of the blue, when on his birthday i’m feeding him lunch and out of the corner of my eye i see him clapping. it was another cause for celebration. (and the waving finally happened last month; it’s the cutest thing ever. it’s a full arm wave. and once you start waving at him, you better prepare to keep waving at him, once you get him started he doesn’t stop). and while i want time to slow down just a bit since he is growing just way too fast, i am excited for him to start learning more words, because while it’s cute and he’s a genius when he ‘correctly’ says “da” for dog, when it’s the only word he says, for everything, over and over, things can get quite…frustrating.

how far he’s come in twelve months. shortest year of my life.

month by month

my oh my do i love this boy.



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