i am officially in my last year of youth. i turned 29 on wednesday, and i have to admit, it’s kind of a hard birthday for me, with it being the last year in my 20’s. sorry to all you old folks (i.e. older than 29) out there, but 30 is old. so therefore 29 is like thisclose to being old. despite not being happy with being one year closer to being old, i had the best day. one my best birthdays in memory.

my day began with getting the best present ever from my boys – a fancy new mac book! it was a complete, awesome surprise. then i treated myself and henry to breakfast from a bakery (diets don’t count on birthdays), followed by a good walk around one of our new favorite parks (to counter-act the non-diet day). then, then, i got to go to ikea, by myself, thanks to my sister and her boyfriend who were in town (!) and babysat. no whining kid complaining that i’m taking too long. no husband complaining i’m taking too long. it was marvelous. (you guys, so much good stuff there.) once i was finally home, i was sung happy birthday by my nephew via facetime and then headed to a delicious dinner to celebrate my birthday and my sister’s graduation from college. after dinner there was cake, of course, and i was showered with more love and awesome presents. i didn’t have much on my wish list, but i sure got everything i wanted and more. it was a perfect day. here’s hoping for a great 29th year!IMG_1270

IMG_1164 IMG_1166 IMG_1171 IMG_1207 IMG_1173 IMG_1209 IMG_1212



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