summer vacation

before summer is totally over (or is it already? please say it ain’t so), i wanted to share our summer vacation photos. a month ago or so we hit the road to join my family (minus one of my sisters, boo) at a lakehouse in indiana. it was wonderfully relaxing (hello live-in babysitters/people to keep my kid entertained while i actually ate/read a book/slept/played games) but the weather was the worst i could remember for a summer vacay. at least it was only half bad, with sunny and warmer days for 3 1/2 of the 7 days. now it’s picture time! because i know there’s nothing better than looking at someone else’s vacation pictures. and i took a lot of them. this is only a fraction of them. feel free to scroll fast 😉

movies IMG_0839 henry and beck 2 henry and beck henry and i tube driving the boat belly boy floating jord and henry kisses mom and henry in water ryan henry reading pout henry dip smile henry dip family group pic henry lovebirdds mom skiing ski bob ski bob 2

firetrain ride IMG_0585 tubing vacation 163 vacation 219 washers IMG_0578 jarrett and henry IMG_0623 IMG_0627 IMG_0616 IMG_0605 IMG_0599 cuddles IMG_0641 bowling IMG_0667 IMG_0687 IMG_0685 IMG_0681 IMG_0671 IMG_0679 IMG_0694 IMG_0715 IMG_0724 IMG_0751 IMG_0753 IMG_0788 wipeout floating IMG_0802 IMG_0766 beersbee mom and dad IMG_0829 suitcase ride

did you enjoy a summer vacation? can you believe summer is over??




2 thoughts on “summer vacation

  1. It was so fun to relive our vacation through your fab photography. You’re great at captioning the feeling that accompanies the photo! Way to go girl!!

  2. Justine! That looked like such a great time w/ the family. Love all the photos of Henry interacting with everyone. And, especially love his whale shorts! Adorbs! Miss you!

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