four years

today ryan and i have been married for FOUR years. things are a bit different than when we got married–things like we live in the suburbs and have a 14 1/2 month old, no biggie 🙂 but what’s not different is my love for him, still going strong (awwww). happy anniversary to my (sometimes) better half! hehehe

and now just some pics of the gorgeous roses i got from my hubby today. because what else am i going to do with them after a 20 minute photo shoot? (i know, i’m crazy, but they were too pretty not to capture to save forever)


roses roses close up roses above single rose small bunch

i got three arrangements out of them, one for the kitchen table, one for my bathroom (in my diy gold striped votive) and a single rose for the mantel. speaking of my mantel, how’s my mantelscape? it was quite difficult getting things right with such a large fireplace and mantel i have, but i think what i came up with is pretty good, or at least ok, right? (minus the empty candleholders and the generic picture in one of the frames) i tried to balance the black and gold on each side, along with the size of the items. let me know if you have any suggestions!


i can’t wait until christmas time to decorate with garland!



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