in hindsight

in hindsight…i wouldn’t have had that one glass of wine i only kind of wanted but had because it was saturday night after all, and there was one (hefty) glass left in the bottle after all…because after i turned off some lights to drink my wine while curled up on the couch i hit said (hefty) glass of wine on my way back to the couch…and down it went. all over my month-old rug (that i haven’t even had time to blog about yet). heavens to betsy i almost died. i froze. i took a picture to send to my mom with the question “what do i do?!”. i googled. i instagrammed for help. that night i soaked up as much of the wine as i possibly could, dabbed a water and vinegar mixture on it, dabbed more water on it, and left it to not dry overnight with some wet paper towels layered with wet rags. the next morning henry and i hit the stores for cleaning solutions (bought: hydrogen peroxide, club soda, wine out). i tried them all, plus some spot shot i had at home. the hydrogen peroxide sprayed on, followed by a sprinkle of baking soda seemed to work ok. then the wine out definitely helped, as my rags were turning purple. the club soda didn’t do much, i don’t think, but who knows. maybe i was supposed to do that first. for good measure i used spot shot, too. even though i had ‘spot tested’ both wine out and spot shot and i didn’t notice any change in my rug colors, not only has the wine not completely come out but the blue of my rug has turned colors too – purple in spots and an ugly greenish-yellow hue in others (perhaps it was the amount i used? not sure). awe.some. and this is why i won’t invest a lot of money in rugs unless i have lots of money to buy new rugs when my clumsy self (or the kids) ruins one…in a month. thank god for rugs usa and their super cheap rugs (this is mine).


{the “incident” (r.i.p. wine, wine glass and new rug)}

give up

{24 hours later when i give up}



pretty, no? :/ luckily we’re extending our couch on one side and if we rotate the rug 180 degrees a lot of the stained ruined portion will be covered – but not all. {mentally beating myself up every time i see the rug}

in hindsight…i wouldn’t have thought stripping the paint off my latest project, a hutch/china cabinet, would be easier and more worth it in the end than continuing to sand, patch, scrape, sand, repeat. see, i sanded the crap out of it, and filled holes and scratches, and every time i thought i was done i would see more spots of paint chipping off, mainly near the moldings. not wanting my new paint job to chip off after all my work, i thought “self, perhaps you should not waste any more time and ensure that things are done right and strip this baby”. now i think, “self, you suck”.  because stripping suuuuucks. at least on this piece. it probably doesn’t help that i don’t think i put it on thick enough the first go-round to get through the THREE layers. three layers of ugly. and yes, i said “first” as i applied the stripper (citristrip because of recommendations) and scraped the entire piece not once but twice…and even three times in a couple areas. and it’s still. not. stripped. honestly i give up. i have to now clean any residue of the stripper off, sand the scrap out of it, probably use an entire tub of spackle to fill the uneveness i’ve created, sand the crap out of it again, then finally prime and paint. since the easier part hasn’t worked out, i’m praying the ‘worth it’ part does.



during stripping

{a coat of stripper}

layers1{many layers – not even showing the bottom wood layer}



one done{the one and only cleanly stripped piece}

things aren’t exactly going well lately. i have a ruined corner of a month old rug, a hutch that is in far worse condition than i started with, and lots of hindsight. send some good juju my way please?



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