loving: ikea


as i mentioned, a couple weeks over a month ago (that’s how long it’s taken me to do this post) i went to ikea on my birthday. and since i had no husband or kid whining that i was taking too long, i was able to browse the store, and saw so much good stuff. here’s just some of the things i’m loving (excuse the bad lighting).


strandmon | actually very comfortable! wishing i had extra cash to put this somewhere in my house. would be great to have more color options

china cabinet

stockholm | i was so close to buying this but then reality of having a boy + future kids and an all glass cabinet set in

media center

another from the stockholm collection (so good)

dining chair

even more stockholm | i wish i had a new kitchen table to put these around. i want these so hard. let me know if you know of a cheap, large tulip table!

besta burs | great, simple lines for a desk. could work as a console table too


ribba frame | these are my go-to frames, and i love how they added a second matte to this display

emmie spets sheets | love the sweet detail on these sheets


alvine ruta | i wanted it for my dining room but the yellow didn’t match and it was a tad small


hektar floor lamp | the big black light makes a big statement. it’s so cool.

lightshecktar pendant light | these would look killer over an island if there’s higher ceilings


foto (can’t find link online) | would love to put this in my laundry room

stockholm mirror | love this mirror especially, but also all the mirrors. so many good ones for good prices

kids toys

duktig (work benchkitchen) | henry would love these!

i’m sad i couldn’t provide a loving home for everything, but this is some of what came home with me:

what i bought

jallvik  (no link) | love this gray-toned wood

lappljung ruta | i’ve been wanting this for a while

fjadrar | love buying ikea’s down pillow inserts

sofia | i’m obsessed with black + white and stripes right now…thinking pillow piping?

dignitet | curtain wire i used not for hanging curtains…hmmm

plastis | love these cheap brushes for the kitchen and bathrooms and always stock up

kunning  | i always stock up on cute and cheap napkins at ikea

kalas | these are great plates for henry

ribba | my favorite frames. i still need more!


fiddle leaf

ficus lyrata | aka fiddle-leaf fig, aka awesomeness, aka best plant ever (still alive!)

how i use them (well, most of them, nobody wants to see me scrub my bathroom) and the rest of what i got will hopefully make an appearance on the blog. trust, it’s good stuff! have you been to ikea lately? what are your new or old favorites?




3 thoughts on “loving: ikea

  1. That plant is AWESOME! Great find. And I have several glass cabinets and can safely tell you that not having them is a good decision. 😉

    Also, I want both the play kitchen and work bench. Ugh HENRY NEEDS THEM.

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