henry: 15 months

i’m not doing monthly photos of henry anymore, which is less of a stress since he does not like sitting still and he does not like listening much, but i do miss having the push to document him, as he’s changing and growing so much, so fast. not that i don’t take pictures of him, because boy, i do, but, you know. so here’s just an update on what my little big man is up to these days.

henry 15 mo 4 henry 15 mo 3

-obsessed with chocolate covered raisins. when the pantry opens, he goes running and lugs the huge container of them to us.

-he could “mow” the lawn all day.

-his recent obsessions are airplanes and trucks. the other week the city replaced our street and the couple days that trucks were on our street were probably his favorite. we sat outside on the grass and at windows right after waking up to watch them.  and when an airplane flew overhead while we were watching the trucks, it maybe blew his mind.

-he can currently say “dooooog” (dog, silent g,  in reference to any dog he hears or sees–in person or on tv or even on toilet paper packaging in a store–or basically any animal, including but not limited to a squirrel, bunny, or horse), “daaaa” (that – usually in reference to an airplane, but also for anything he wants to know what it is…over and over again), “traaaa” (truck, just in the last week or so) and “uh huh” (another new one that is so so cute. “henry, would you like a popsicle?”  “uh huh” “henry, do you want to take a bath?” “uh huh”. basically we just keep asking him questions to hear it. and there’s silence if he doesn’t want it! sometimes.)

henry 15 mo 2 henry 15 mo 1 henry 15 mo

-the previous owners left a bunch of “special” rocks in the backyard and henry loves them. he will carry them around and give them to you, but then takes them back. he always takes back, quite the indian giver that one.

-but he is a very good sharer. (until we have another kid, i always say). he shares his milk, popsicles, suckers, snacks…

-he learned how to “cheers” and must do it all. the. time. sometimes i even have to cheers him with the flower vase that’s on the table. he says “do!” in a tiny voice.

-after turning one he became such a picky eater. some meals he would eat nothing. tried and true favorites are no longer eaten sometimes. it is quite frustrating and there have been tears (on my part) but i’ve tried to just accept it and not stress about it, feeding him like always and if he eats, he eats, and if he doesn’t, hopefully he learns a lesson? i think lately it’s getting a little better, but i still never know what he will eat and when. he also always always throws his food on the floor, spits something out and upends his plate, much to my frustration. when do they start to eat like a normal person??

henry 15 mo 9 henry 15 mo 8 henry 15 mo 7

-he is quite the spitfire lately. constantly testing his/my limits. he’s breached my limits several times, i hate to admit, and he has starting getting “time outs”. a little young, i think, but something has to be done when he gets warnings and does things just to spite me, such as throwing things at beck and hitting or kicking me. hitting me! kicking me! i know he does it because at the time he either thinks it’s funny or he’s angry, not to hurt me, but ouch. sometimes during timeouts he thinks it’s funny and it’s reeeeally hard not to smile or laugh and i have to cover my mouth. after time outs he has to “say sorry” which means giving a hug and it is way too cute.

-although he has started to sometimes throw things at beck (because beck running away is hilarious, didn’t you know), beck is still his favorite favorite. he is always hugging him, laying on him, petting him. as i type he is laying on the floor with him, half on him.

-he now puckers for kisses, although sometimes just offers his check when i ask for a kiss. i’m not sure if the open mouthed first kisses are my favorite, or these grown up pucker kisses are.

-he started a gymnastics class and loves it. his favorites are summersaults (wants to do them with no hands) and the bars/rings. he hangs on them all by himself — and he has started hanging on our countertops now. after the “jumping” week in gymnastics he tries to jump now, though his feet don’t leave the ground. it’s too cute.

henry 15 mo 6 henry 15 mo 5

-he is just such a boy. he is constantly moving, always throwing things, always finding and digging in dirt, always climbing.

-somehow he always knows when i’m in the kitchen trying to do something  and runs over from whatever he was doing just perfectly by himself and whines. automatically. without fail.

-he goes down a big slide all by himself, and by accident found out how fun it is to go down on his stomach (feet first still) and now tries to twist every time.

-sometimes if you’re looking at your phone or a book or something, he’ll come up and lean around and put his face right in yours with the cutest smile so you’ll look at him.

-it blows my mind when i say something to him and he totally knows what i’m saying. one night after dinner i said “you’re going to take a bath tonight” and he ran over to the stairs, and when i brought him upstairs he ran right for the tub. and last week after changing his diaper i gave him the diaper and said, half joking, “will you throw that away for me please?” and what do you know, he took it right over to the garbage can, lifted the lid and threw it in. now he whines if he can’t throw it away.

oh henry, my henry. you are so special, so loved. so big!



13 thoughts on “henry: 15 months

  1. I’m glad to hear that we’re not the only ones struggling with meal times. Hudson would gobble down anything I put in front of him and now he thinks he gets an opinion on what he eats! 🙂 I’ve just been trying to introduce new stuff and offer the tried/true again. Hopefully he gets back on the eating wagon. It is so frustrating!

  2. Such a cutie, Justine! And he’s gotten so blond. 🙂 Lyla is consistently saying “uh oh” whenever she drops something, lots of “whoa”s and plenty of “ba” for ball, bath, baby, book, bottle … never realized how many “baby things” start with B! Hope to see Henry again soon. And you! (who I haven’t seen, I don’t think, since he’s been born!)

  3. What a beautiful post! He’s so adorable in his little jeans. I lovelovelove the pictures of him at the baseball diamond. the lighting is to die for!

  4. He is seriously such a sweetheart. Just love reading about him because our Henrys are so much alike. I love the Indian giving – Henry does that, too.

    And he is also becoming increasingly picky. I think there’s just too much to see and do.

  5. He is adorable! My daughter is 7 months and we bought a Cannon Rebel T3i to document everything! I am slowly learning how to use it. Your pictures are amazing! What settings do you use?

    • thanks so much, carla! i believe that having a great camera like that is more half the battle in taking good pictures – just using it on auto gives great photos. the rest is learning how to use it with some editing. i’ve spent a long time reading up on “advanced settings for beginners” type stuff, and i now actually use manual a lot (it was quite a while ago but i believe the pioneer woman has some good photography blog posts and helped a lot). i started using the “p”, “av” and “tv” settings first, then manual. practice, practice!

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