jewelry and closet organization

sometimes you need a quick and easy project to get your creative juices flowing and have a victory when things aren’t going so well on other projects. this was mine. the master closet is fine, not great, but the organization is definitely lacking with only wire shelves and two angled walls not being utilized. i had an overflowing jewelry box with necklaces that kept getting tangled, and in a corner of the closet a pile of worn-but-will-wear-again clothes (like a pair of jeans, pjs and a robe) and small pile of special-wash laundry. so i put to work one of the angled walls for a jewelry display and clothes/laundry organizer.

here’s the non-utilized wall before:

vacation 232

i made a jewelry display by stapling leftover fabric i had around a bulletin board and adding leftover nailhead trim (from this tv stand redo).

IMG_8342 IMG_8348

once it was hung on the wall i added hooks below for my re-wears and a ‘dipped’ basket from homegoods for my special wash laundry.



the pretty turquoise and brass hooks are from anthropologie (no longer on their website).


i used t pins to hang my necklaces, bracelets and hanging earrings.

t pins

for my stud earrings i simply stuck them in the cork carefully. i don’t have many studs, and some started to bend when i pushed them in, so i might pick up a ceramic egg crate to put them in instead , along with rings and such, and keep it on my dresser.


before and after:

before and after

hopefully we’ll upgrade the closet system one day, but for now this quick little project not only upped the organization but also glammed it up a little (even though it’s a closet it still deserves some love) — and gave me a sense of accomplishment, finally.


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