halloween 2013

last halloween, henry was a four-month old little nugget raccoon who had no idea what was going on and couldn’t care less about pumpkins except to try to eat them – and candy wasn’t even known. this halloween, henry was the cutest 16-month old pirate who had no idea what was going on except that mom made him touch slimy pumpkin guts, wear skeleton pajamas to music class, wear a hat later and go to strangers houses…where he got candy! candy! candy! (he has a mean sweet tooth – definitely my son.)

carving pumpkins carving pumpkins_3 carving pumpkins_2 balloon playing_2 balloon playing smiles smiles_3 smiles_2 pirate_3 little pirate henry and mom henry and dad henry and dad_2 wagon wagon_1 henry and pumpkins

he did love the curious george pumpkin i carved him, which made the hour it took to carve it worth it (he says “geeeoorr” – cutest!)

2012 vs 2013

it’s amazing the difference a year makes!



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