giving thanks

…that thanksgiving is over! (just kidding!) though there was stress about getting a million things done, planning a thanksgiving dinner, having houseguests, and on top of it, a sick kid (who only wanted his mom), it was great. being with family is the best and thanksgiving dinner was perfect (it went off without a hitch, i’m so proud). here’s a few pics from our thanksgiving.

trains 2 henry jimmy jimmy in tube jimmy henry otto jimmy winking“winking”

henry ryan henrysick boy

trainsbarflowers flowers close up placecardnapkins table 2henry jarrett chalkboard on couch rides otto side 2 side 1 mom grandma mom henry j and turkeysuch a good turkey, thank you pioneer womanjord justine thomas ride cards against humanity game time

the actual good thing about thanksgiving being over is that now that we can focus on christmas! and i’m ready for it! the house is decorated, almost all my presents are bought, and lots are wrapped, which is shocking. but i love it, it feels good to be on top of something.

how was your thanksgiving?



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