our christmas house tour

hello! and welcome to our house at christmastime.



before we moved in, even before we actually found this house, even in may, i was so excited to decorate for christmas. we could put lights outside! we would have a mantle! we would have a staircase for garland! god i love garland. even after i wrapped it around my railing for an hour and got tiny cuts all over my hands so they itched/burned like crazy because i’m allergic to it. anyway. come in! (and i realize i’ve never updated you on any house projects, so things may look a bit different. one day i will, one day.)

wreath{love costco wreaths. they give you the smell of christmas as you walk in.}

entry{real garland from costco as well, it’s the best}

stairway railing stairs to fam room

family room mantle close up{real garland from trader joe’s, can’t beat the price. but it is a bit thin so you probably need to double up like this.}

fox tree ornaments{i love seeing the handprint ornament i made with henry last year. his hand is like double the size now!}

ornaments 2candy dish{candy dish i picked up on clearance last year at target, love it. but it’s had to be moved twice because i’ve found henry eating candy in the wrapper still when it was behind the couch, and when it was on the kitchen table henry only wanted to eat kisses for meals.}
chalkboard wall christmas card{merry christmas from us! printed from snapfish on their thickest card stock and i’m very happy with them}

dining room{in the dining room..with wrinkled pics from henry’s first birthday party…but i’ve left them up instead of having a blank wall for now}

deer head{i glittered a paper mache deer head from joann’s and then sprayed with a lacquer to seal it. (and that hook is awful but it’s what i had on hand)}

be merry and bright glitter bright{cut from some glittered foam paper}

snow globes{love these. made in about two minutes before a party.}

i seriously can’t believe christmas is one week away. even if i’m all done christmas shopping and just about done wrapping. still in denial. but at least i’m ready while in denial.

it’s the most wonderful time of the year!



10 thoughts on “our christmas house tour

    • thanks! there are tons of tutorials online, though i didn’t even follow one – i just saw them and put it together how i thought. it’s totally simple and cheap – buy bottle brush trees (at a craft store, in the dollhouse section i believe), mason jars and epsom salt. secure the tree to the lid of the mason jar (i used a really sticky tape), pour some epsom salt in the mason jar, secure the lid and turn over. done! some people even bleach the trees to white, and leave them as-is or dye them. there you go! seriously took like 3 minutes.

  1. Very nice Justine! Some really interesting DIY projects there …
    Glad to see Henry’s handprint ornament is still in mint condition! Did this for my kids recently with your recipe 🙂

  2. Everything looks so festive! And your house looks so different (in a wonderful way). Love all the rooms. And that staircase with garland – love.

    And that chalkboard wall display. I NEED THAT ENTIRE WALL IN MY LIFE. I love it.

    • thank you, kim! yes, the house looks very different, and i have so much to update on, but wanted things to be “finished”, though i don’t think they ever will be so i might as well start sharing! the chalkboard wall is one of my favorite things i’ve done to the house – everyone could use one!

  3. Seeing all the beautiful ideas, my goal this year is to incorporate a few of them in my home (handprint ornaments, just wow!). Hope you had the Merriest Christmas!

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