an interview with henry

finally i am posting this! i did a couple “interviews” with henry a while ago, when he was 17 months. since he’s now about 18 1/2 months, i needed to get this up before it’s totally outdated. he’s showing off his words and body part identification – exciting stuff! (to me and the grandparents only, i’m sure)

i think my favorites are “oh no” and “all gone”. we also love when he answers questions with “uh huh” so we ask him lots of questions šŸ™‚ there’s one more short interview with some words i left out and wanted to make to remember forever, so i’ll post that soon, hopefully.

he is learning words more quickly these days, it’s so amazing to see kids learn things basically on their own. he still doesn’t say the the endings of words, and currently “da” refers to dad, beck and ball (“b’s” are hard apparently), which can be quite confusing. he also says mom (“mo/ma”) regularly which makes my heart burst every time still. it will be nice when he’s full on talking so he can communicate better, but i am enjoying this phase of cuteness.

happy monday!



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