art table: ikea latt hack

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Back in, oh, August, during my birthday IKEA run, I bought the LATT table for Henry. I wanted to hack it into an art table like Freckles Chick but couldn’t decide what color or colors. White? Might get ruined too quickly. Natural wood with a pop of color? What color? It sat in my garage for months and I finally got my act together late December and decided to stain it ebony, to match our floors. At the last minute I decided to spray the seat and table top with the leftover dark teal spray paint from my kitchenaid mixer update. (I still think a bold and bright pop of color would look great but have no idea what color!)

I stained all the wood pieces before I put it together, front and back. If I had read the assembly instructions through first, some pieces only needed one side stained (or even not at all, since they were on the underside). Oh well. For the seats and the tabletop I  spray primed first and then did a couple coats of the teal.  Then I put it together and was going to spray it with clear poly but was too excited for the kiddos to use it New Year’s Eve when it was finished so it was used as-is. Don’t be like me, make sure to do the poly before use! (The paint got scratched in a couple places and I had to touch it up) A couple days later Ryan helped me add a dowel rod underneath the table to hold the roll of paper; he used a couple plumbing pieces secured with heavy duty glue to hold the dowel rod underneath the table, with a notch cut out of one of them so the dowel rod could be taken in and out. A couple pieces of flat trim just over an inch wide were cut to the width of the table and stained. To raise the trim up so the paper could be fed through Ryan put a washer at each corner between the table and the trim before he screwed them in through the washer.  Finally I did a couple coats of spray poly, which I should have done before use!

Here is the LATT table au naturale.


And stained and painted:

IMG_9509 IMG_9514

Bam, an art table:


Here’s a couple detail shots of the trim and underneath so it’s more clear.

trim bottomIMG_9524

Henry loves it. I will say that the table and chairs are very light, so they are able to be pushed around very easily (we put the felt pads on the bottom of the legs) and Henry toppled over a few times while trying to get on the chair. But he’s mainly figured out how to get on and off pretty well without incident now. He’s had snacks there, and him and friends have enjoyed dinner there. Henry requests to draw everyday, and is turning into the next Van Gogh (but hopefully less tortured, his ears will stay intact and he’ll be famous before he’s dead since I could use a vacation house ;)) – or maybe Picasso from the way his drawings are so far, but let’s go with VG since he’s my fave.

Henry at table henry coloring

If only I hadn’t waited so long to do what was a pretty quick and easy project.

Art Table-IKEA LATT hack |



7 thoughts on “art table: ikea latt hack

  1. LOVE! I bought the same table for Hudson around Christmas. I’ve stained it and it’s waiting to be put together for his 2nd birthday present. I was hoping to get away without the poly. I’ll go back and add it now!

    • Thank you! I think if you’ve only stained it, and did no spray painting, the poly probably isn’t necessary – although it’s never a bad idea, especially with destructive kids 😉

  2. I have been wanting a table for my Henry so badly. And this one is so cute. I have been perusing CL for a second hand find in solid wood but I may just have to make the trip to IKEA. Wanna meet for lunch and let the boys play? Blogger play date?

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