Toddler Painted Valentine Hearts

I am so not on the ball with this post; almost not even with this project. It was done on February 13th, cutting it quite close (luckily we didn’t have to mail anything). Hence this being posted after Valentine’s Day instead of before like others who think in advance.

Henry’s been loving making art lately (via chalkboard, crayons, Color Wonder markers…) and I finally attempted the dreaded paint. Dreaded due to the mess. It wasn’t too bad though since I put a drop cloth over the table, used a paint brush instead of fingers (for the most part) and Henry was shirtless so the mess was less (though I should have taken off his pants, too). I quickly, and therefore not perfectly, made a couple heart shaped outlines with painters tape on a piece of paper. I squeezed out some pink and white paint for Henry and then I simply let him paint away. I helped point out areas that needed some more paint, but other than that, he painted this all on his own. And seemed to love it. And totally ate the paint at one point. He also enjoyed the afternoon bath time that resulted from this project.

valentine art painting set up valentine art painting 5 eating paint valentine art painting 4 valentine art painting 3 valentine art painting 2 valentine art paintingbath time

After Henry was done painting, I removed the painters tape carefully (the paper got a little stuck to it in one part) and cut the paper in half for the two valentines. A little dry time and writing and then they were done.

Valentine Day Heart Art

Just a little something that let Henry do what he loves for people he loves. Awwwww.



2 thoughts on “Toddler Painted Valentine Hearts

  1. Hi there!
    Very nice art project, well done Henry! You know Justine, you shouldn’t be too afraid of getting your kid dirty, it’s part of learning and growing up. Let him play with paint and it’s even more fun when he uses his fingers! Not to mention it’s a great way to develop his fine motor skills.

    I totally enjoyed the beautiful hearts e made and I’ll definitely be doing this with my kids for daddy’s birthday!

    Thank you 🙂 I always look forward to your posts!

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