not the most exciting makeover in the world…

How’s that for an attention-grabbing title? I couldn’t think of how to make organizing a pantry exciting, so I just went with the truth 🙂

It don’t know about you, but organization makes me pretty happy. If you knew me, you may not think so, as I’m not what you call as a “neat-freak” by any means (my husband will be the first to tell you). But since I am not the neatest person, when I put things in place that help me organize and be the neater person I would like to be with less effort, I get nerdy excited about it. So when I saw the pantry organizer that Young House Love installed, I ran to Target (for the second time that week, #typical) to buy one for my own pantry.

Our pantry is pretty small, just a small closet in our kitchen, and it was jammed with food that started organized but notsomuch anymore.

pantry before

First it had to get worse before it got better.


In the process I saw we had eight types of chips/snacks open.


An entire nap time later and everything was back. And organized. And it was glorious. And we even have plenty of space left!


Here’s a breakdown on how it’s mainly organized.

Door organizationTop half pantry organized Bottom half pantry organized

Obviously we shop at Costco. (Hello two gallons each of popcorn kernels and pretzels and 1,000 feet of aluminum foil).

before and after

The photos don’t do the organization justice. Just know that every time I open the pantry door angels sing. Ok, it’s not that drastic, that jaw-dropping amazing, but I’m happy.  Sometimes it’s the little things in life. Now to replace the wire shelves with wood…



6 thoughts on “not the most exciting makeover in the world…

  1. Well done, your motivating me. My pantry size/look is looks a lot like yours, I was debating the shelves on the door but want to do wood soon as well because I hate when things fall through!! Will you keep the door shelves wire when you upgrade the shelves to wood??

    • Thanks, Nicole! I hate wire shelves! This house is full of them in all the closets. When we (er, Ryan) get around to the wood shelves this door shelving system will definitely stay – it holds a lot! (and I don’t want to make the wood shelves deeper than the wire ones as then you can’t find anything in the back).

      • A great tip I came across was to place some inexpensive peel and stick tiles on the shelves, leave the back peel on them though. You can cut them to fit the small spaces too with a box cutter. Its a great temporary solution to building new shelves! Love your new pantry!!

  2. Hi Justine, just came across your beautiful blog via Pinterest! I can relate to your post from my own experience.. We recently moved into a new house – much bigger with much more cupboards (we don’t have such thing like pantry) to store everything. It was OK for the first few months and soon after I realised that everything has started piling up! I do re-organise everything every few weeks as I hate clutter.I am a little bit of a neat-freak:) Well done on your new shelving system-looks great!

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