Easter mantel

Someone is not only on the ball with decorating for a holiday but also photographing it and sharing it…and that someone is me! Probably because I don’t have that many Easter decorations and I only switched out a couple things on the mantel…and Easter is late this year. But thank goodness for that, maybe it will actually feel like springtime by then.

So, here it is. Easter-fied mantel.

Easter mantel

Your mind is blown, I know. Most of the mantel is how I usually have it (the mirror, frames – with one still needing a photo, gold lantern thing, faux plants and fox) but I switched out some of the accessories.

Thank you Target for the burlap bunny garland.

bunny garland

Love these glitter eggs. I got them last year (or the year before?) at Target.

glitter eggs

On the right side of the mantel we have more eggs – the tree I got at Target last year on clearance, and the nest of eggs at…Target, where else, in the dollar section last year (but it was like $3 perhaps?).

right side

And let’s discuss this wooden pear. It’s not Easter-ish but it is my new favorite thing. I got it at a secondhand store a month or two ago. They had a smaller one too, and I’m kicking myself for not buying it. I should go back and see if it’s still there…

wooden pear

I love having a mantel to decorate now and it’s nice to change out a few things for different seasons or holidays.

Have you decorated your house for springtime or Easter?





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