Did you all have a good Easter? Good! We did too! Last year I thought Easter was so fun, as it was Henry’s first Easter, but this year was even better, since he was a little more aware (although let’s be honest, not much – he just knew how to collect the eggs well). And the weather was AMAZING. After the winter we had, thank goodness Easter was so late this year. After we woke up (late) and ate breakfast, Henry “found” his Easter basket under the dining room table and promptly played with all the things and tried to eat all the candy. The egg hunt in the backyard took a quick two minutes (literally), as we were running late. After the church service we were late to, we headed to my parents where we spent all day in the backyard soaking the rays, seeing family and watching Henry throw balls again and again and again… There was also another egg hunt, because you can’t have too many egg hunts for Easter.

Here’s some pics from the day, and also from the day before when I got my act together and dyed eggs with Henry, who was surprisingly into it – almost too much so, as eggs are just. so. crackable.

dying eggs finding easter basket basket farmmore mandms egg hunt finding an egg egg pickup with Beckryan henryfamily picthrowinghand in pocket_grown upeaster basket 2egg hunt helpjilly eggjayneegg in bushgrandparentsthrowing ball 2the boyssittinghula hoopingjilly hulajilly hula hoopjilly hula hoop 2ballHenryevening lightjord henryjord henry hamds

mom and dad


Believe me when I say there’s lots more where these came from, I edited down because how many pics of Henry throwing/picking up eggs/putting his hands in his pockets can you take? Speaking of hands in his pockets – is it not the cutest thing you ever saw? Also, I die for how handsome Henry looked in both his outfits. Squeeeeeeeze!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!



4 thoughts on “Easter

    • Aw, thanks, Evelina! I don’t have a girl (yet), so I do my best! Those moccasins are pretty amazing, I just had to have them!

      On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 9:57 AM, you're so martha wrote:


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