Happy Tuesday! Sometimes I want to wait to share things until they are all done and pretty and wrapped up in a bow but sometimes that’s just not going to happen. Either because it’s going to be a while until they’re done or it takes me forever to put the proverbial bow on it and take photos and edit and write and yada yada…I thought I wouldn’t wait this time and show you where we are with some projects, since it’s getting pretty busy in the Stuckenschneider household lately.

1. We are getting our house painted this week (tomorrow!). And we are making quite a change – from light gray to navy blue. I’m so excited to see how different the house looks dark and dramatic with the brick and white trim.

house colors

(all Benjamin Moore)

Which do you think we chose?

2. The outdoors is also getting some a lot of love and we’re putting in a new patio! It’s a huuuge undertaking (for Ryan) that we’re hoping to get done by Henry’s second birthday party in June. First the existing cement patio has to be taken out (and hauled away), then everything needs to be dug out, leveled, filled, tamped, etc. etc. And not to mention we have to get the thousands of bricks to our house – Ryan has been going back and forth to Menards every day for a week now. But the new patio is going to be big and include a fire pit, so basically awesome.

fire pit layout henry helping

Ryan can count on Henry for help. We knew we had him for a reason 😉

3. We have also been in the midst of a laundry room update. Well, I say “in the midst” like we’ve been actively working on it, but really it’s been torn up for a while now (we removed the closet), and I just now got around to removing part of the wallpaper border. Turns out removing a border isn’t too bad! I’d say I removed half of it in less than an hour (but that is such a rough estimate. I have no idea. It didn’t feel like too long). There’s no less than one million tutorials on removing wallpaper on the internets, but in case you’re reading and you happen to want to know how and don’t want to use google, here’s what I did:

Lightly score the wallpaper with the wallpaper scorer you bought at the store. Spray with a mixture of hot water and fabric softener (maybe a few tablespoons of fabric softener are mixed in that bottle). Let sit for a few minutes, then peel of the paper. If any is left on the wall, spray again and then scrape off. Then clean the wall with some water and vinegar (which I have yet to do).

removing wallpaper

I’d show you a photo of the room as-is now, except it really a hot mess of mess. I took one and it’s awful. Sorry, I’m not that real.

We’ve also already bought the tile for the floor and I looooooove it. It’s in our garage and I find myself stopping to look at it all the time. Now I have to decide on what color to paint the cabinets and the built-in bench Ryan is building – so then I can decide what color to paint the walls. #toomanydecisions I’m leaning towards navy blue (perhaps one of the samples from the exterior) for the cabinets and a light wall color but we’ll see.

laundry room tile

4. And just because, here’s a picture looking out my front door. I am LOVING the buds and gorgeous colors and could basically stare outside all day. It’s finally spring!

front yard colors


Does anyone else absolutely love ferns too? I don’t know why I do. I picked that one up at Costco to hang on the front porch, though we’ll see if it ever gets hung.

Have a great week!



7 thoughts on “Currently

  1. You all are BUSY! Good luck with that patio. We put one in our last house and woof! Get the advil and icy hot ready, you’re going to be sore. 🙂 It’s totally worth it in the end though! Loving that floor you chose.

    • Thanks for the advice! I will have to go stock up on pain relief 🙂 Dual massages may be in order for mother’s and father’s day.

      On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 10:53 PM, you're so martha wrote:


  2. amazing job! I wish I would have a patio like that one and, of course, your willing to improve like this! 🙂 My mother bought (I made her ahahaha) incredible outdoor lamps from this european brand: They have an amazing lighting collection for a vintage look. I’ve been photographing some houses (I’m a professional photographer of interiors) and this lamps are a trend.
    Keep the good job! looking forward to the next pictures 😀

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