Henry’s 2nd Birthday Party – Party Animals!

The weekend before my not-a-baby-anymore baby turned two we had a friends & family party for him to celebrate. I couldn’t decide on a theme (Curious George, Mickey Mouse, animals – all his current loves), but months ago I took an online illustrator class and came up with this birthday invitation idea and stuck with the animal theme since I was really proud of the invitation (personal details removed now, of course). It was such a great day! Several people couldn’t make it unfortunately, but honestly the smaller guest list was pretty nice for having time to actually have full conversations with those who made it. I didn’t go all out for decorations (I had to cut some due to time but really wasn’t that sad about it), but did make tiny party hats for the little animals I had on all the tables, drew on my chalkboard wall to match the invitation (kind of…) and had my sister create a ‘2’ out of pictures of Henry from the past year (thanks Pinterest! or Instagram?). Henry didn’t cry when we sang Happy Birthday this year, so that’s an improvement, though we did forget to practice blowing out candles. He was again a champ at opening presents, actually opening them and was interested in each and every one. Love him. Funny story before I get to the pics – while everyone was busy in the kitchen getting ready for the party, I noticed I didn’t hear Henry. You know it’s trouble when you don’t hear toddlers, so I went to look for him and found him in the dining room helping himself to the cake I put on the buffet – with his hands. It was amazing. Of course I took a picture first, then cleaned it up.

Henry bday invite_5x7 cake in hand cake eating pre party dessert table cake cake topper animal bunting cabinet

(sneak peek!)2 animals birthday hat outside tables IMG_0897 IMG_7237 IMG_0994 IMG_0990 IMG_0896 jilly happy birthday song blowing out candles eating cake opening presents family pic

 I love him so.



2 thoughts on “Henry’s 2nd Birthday Party – Party Animals!

  1. So, I’m anxious to read the post about that cabinet renovation. I’m getting ready to strip and refinish an old dresser and it scares me! Haha yours looks so awesome! I need some motivation 😉

    • Thanks! Oh my goodness, that thing was a nightmare, which is why I think I haven’t posted about it yet 🙂 Not to scare you though!!! It was in horrible shape and I’m not sure I went about it right, so hopefully yours will go much smoother. It is finally DONE, and I’m in LOVE with it, so hopefully I’ll get the post up soon so you can see how much you can love something once you’re done with it.

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