YSM Paper

Soooooo I started an Etsy shop. Without really telling anyone about it, except for instagram when it was launched. I’ve always had plans of starting one that has sewn goods (burp cloths and blankets and pillows and whatnot), and I even have the shop name reserved on Etsy and perhaps even bought (a little bit of) fabric for pillows and such, but I barely have time or motivation to do much of anything around these parts, so sewing for an Etsy shop is just not happening. I still have the pillows on my couch that match my couch fabric, people – that is so not cool, and I hate them so much, though in order to sew new ones that means I have to make a decision on what colors and fabrics to use, then buy it, then actually sew, so my prediction of new pillows is maybe sometime never. But who knows with the thing called “nesting”. It would be great if it could kick in any. day. now. so I’m motivated for the one million projects I have to do.

YSM Paper logo

BUT, back to the Etsy shop I did actually open. I’m good at sitting on the couch and using my computer – that’s the type of project I have motivation for – so the shop is YSM Paper and it’s a shop of instant download typography prints. I’ve always had a passion for typography, and I’ve been learning how to use Illustrator slowly but surely, so I finally started creating prints for myself to fill the empty frames hanging on my walls (for months…and months…). Ideas for prints just kept coming and suddenly I had a folder full of prints – some finished, some almost, some just a placeholder to come back to. Some are simple, some are girly, some are fun, some are sentimental, but all are me. Quotes or lyrics I love, songs I sing to Henry, phrases that reflect my love for my family, etc. etc. mushy mushy. So on whim I opened up shop to basically see what happens, since I have all of these anyway. Why not? 

beYOUtiful_flowers_8x10_etsy-listing greatest-contribution_8x10_turquoise_etsy-image like-best_navy-raspberry_8x10_etsy-listing

There’s not too many prints available yet, just the few I had the most ready to launch with, but I’m constantly working on finishing the ones I’ve started to get listed, making progress on some and getting new ideas all the time – so follow me or check back! Most everything is meant to be printed and framed at 8″x10″, though a couple prints have different sizes due to already being created for myself (they can probably be sized down, though I’m happy to work with people on different sizes or orientations or even colors). Everything is an instant download only, which is honestly due to wanting to see if anyone is actually interested in my stuff before figuring out all the logistics of physically printing and mailing things to people.

It’s kind of nerve wrecking to put it all out there, but what’s to lose? At the least I’ll have a very full library of prints to fill the mountain of empty frames I have. I’d love for you to check it out, “heart” it on Etsy if you happen to be on there, and even let me know if there’s a quote/saying/idea you’ve been wanting. I also added a link to the shop in my header and sidebar, so you can’t miss it 🙂



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