Baby Bump #2 | Weeks 20 & 23

Well isn’t this pregnancy just cruising along. Still playing catch up with these maternity book pages though – I will be 26 weeks tomorrow, which means it’s time to start kicking it in gear to get things done.

week 20

week 23-01

I’m so excited to decorate another nursery, it’s one of the best parts about having a baby – amiright?! This time I think I’m going with a light mint green, black, white and wood color scheme, and using some geometric shapes around the nursery. It’s not a theme but a direction. I have in fact made up my mind on the color of the walls (I refuse to look at other colors lest I go back into indecision world), but I first need to prime two walls and paint some trim (and actually buy the paint, I’m trying to wait for a sale) before I can actually paint. I need to get started before I get too big. So yea, the trim, ugh. The trim around the door, trim around the closet and the closet doors are totally an off-white, while the baseboards are white. Is it necessary to paint them now? No, but if it’s not done now, I don’t know when it will be, and it’s driving me crazy. But I’m super, super excited for the nursery to come together. I’m in love with the rug and the vintage dresser I found (in such good condition), and am trying to create some art. I’ll have to share something soon.



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