bandana bib

can we talk for a quick sec about how daylight savings time sucks? who invented this? how do some follow it and some not? will they ever change their mind and get rid of it? please? how else is my baby supposed to know what the heck time it is?


as i mentioned in my dipped wooden bead necklace post, leading up to the latest pinterest challenge i actually completed not one but two projects! yes, i was super proud of myself, and it felt good to get back into the creative saddle. it didn’t hurt that they were both super easy and fast.

my second project was one i had been meaning to do forever, and wish i had sooner, since it really was super quick:

bandana bib

i mean, look at that cuteness! totes better than the standard bibs. now he can drool in style.

i didn’t take pictures of the process really. i referred to a couple tutorials i found, a no-sew one (though i wanted it more finished) and this one with a template (but i didn’t use the template).

the process was quite simple, and you could even simplify it even more if you wanted.

1. cut an 11 inch square out of your front and back fabric (10 1/2 or 10 inch may work too depending on seam allowance and your baby’s neck)

2. lay fabrics right sides together

3. cut from corner to corner making two triangles – now you can make two bibs!

4. carefully fold one of your bibs in half, and cut an arc from the corner to the middle. marking a line first would be less nerve-wracking, but i decided to wing it. this step you can easily skip, but i wanted a little less bulk/folding at the neck. next time i might even do more of an arc; i was a bit unsure when doing this one and i don’t know if it made too much of a difference.

cutting neckline

5. unfold and with the right sides together still, pin and sew around the bib, leaving a couple inch gap unsewn (i recommend not right at the corner, it will be easier to turn).

*if you’re sewing with a knit, like my black and white fabric, i found that sewing with it on the top (flannel on the bottom) and putting a piece of tissue paper on top of it (just sew right through it) helped not stretch & pull the knit while sewing.

6. turn bib inside out through the gap so the right sides are facing out. fold in the gap seam allowance, pin, and sew a top stitch around the entire bib.

7. attach either a snap set or velcro to the ends. remember that the nub part of the snap or the rough part of velcro should be on the right side of the fabric so it faces up (not towards their neck), and the corresponding snap or velcro should be on the wrong side of the fabric on the other end. done!

bandana bib

let’s discuss snaps. this was my first time using them. and while i love the professional look of them, i, excuse my language, f’in hate the implementation of them. i bought not one but two snap fasteners, and they both blow (this one and one similar to this one, can’t find the actual one). both need a hammer, and even after banging the crap out of them, they wouldn’t attach to the fabric securely. i went through probably five sets of snaps to one to work ok, if you used it gently – until you don’t and it comes off the fabric, making it useless.  then i made a second bib for my nephew, and bam, there goes another five sets of snaps, for me to then give up and attach velcro.  but i like the look of the snap so much better, so i’m not entirely ready to give up on them yet. does anyone have any tips for how to use the tools i bought, or can recommend a different snap fastener tool?

bandana bib

and of course this was an excuse for a photo shoot, because what isn’t? a day ending with ‘day’ is an excuse 😉 (did that even make sense? i’ve been really corny lately, poor henry who has to listen to me all day. ryan just makes fun of me.)

bandana bibbandana bib

bandana bib bandana bib bandana bib bandana bib bandana bib

enjoy your day!


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sucker for seersucker {nursery: crib bumpers}

i made my little precious munchin-to-be crib bumpers. in part to save money, but also because i couldn’t find any that fit my nursery “vision”. continuing the loose nautical theme, one side is blue striped seersucker, and the other orange striped seersucker (i am a sucker for seersucker). i think the narrow stripes are a great complement to the navy and white striped crib skirt i made.



i don’t have a tutorial for these – i simply followed the directions that came with the bumper pads (bought with a 50% off coupon). they were pretty simple, but very time consuming. if i were to ever make them again, i would change a couple things: 1. put the bumper pads in the crib before starting to make sure they are the correct fit (they are a bit long for my crib, causing some overlapping, bending and gaping which is driving. me. crazy.)  2. figure out a solution for the ties other than making my own – making 24 ties was the devil (ribbon?) 3. add piping along the top edges (which was my original plan but abandoned the idea after i cut the fabric to cover the piping too narrow and didn’t have any more patience)

blue seersucker

orange seersucker

side view

corner view

full nursery reveal to come! (…someday)


(before anyone gets judgey  (bitch please), i am aware bumpers pose a sids risk. these will only be used when henry is older and over the risk of sids.)

nursery: pillows

the countdown to d day is officially one month (minus one day). one month. eeep. so exciting, yet so terrifying. but mainly exciting.

my self imposed deadline for getting the nursery to-dos done is 2 weeks before d-day, and i’ve been making some progress. most recently: pillows.


i added the pillows to the expedit bookcase so it can double as a bench (some day maybe i’ll add a cushion).




i used my easy envelope pillow method for both, but added piping to one. this was my first time ever adding piping, and i even made the piping myself, another first. i have to say, it really wasn’t difficult at all. sure, it added some time on to the project, but i still got it done in an afternoon. i may be a little obsessed with piping now – look out.


the whale matches a poster i framed, and the striped fabric is leftover from the crib skirt. (for the whale i used the same applique method as the burp cloths i made, using a turquoise felt.) to tie the two pillows together i used the same gray wool fabric for piped pillow and the back side of the striped whale pillow.

i have a third pillow planned, but if these two are all i manage, i will still be happy. i can’t lie, i may sit in the glider and just look at my pillows. they make me happy. (yes, i know i have issues).


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nursery updates (and a quick weekend recap)

howdy! how was your weekend? mine was great, apart from not getting much sleep for miscellaneous reasons (i know, i know – just wait until the baby’s here. heard that before ;)). ryan and i spent the most time together alone since i don’t even know when. it was the entire weekend folks – not even an errand was run alone (i’m surprised we are still talking, ha! kidding, sort of) we had two dates – seeing the hunger games friday night (loved, already can’t wait for the second) and dinner out on saturday, at ryan’s dad’s favorite rib place that we had never been to (twin anchors). nursery projects were worked on and we also squeezed in some time at the dog park for beck.

speaking of nursery projects, with 7 1/2 weeks left (eek!) i suppose i owe a nursery update. let’s revisit the to-do list from 2 months ago with the progress made:

decisions to make/things to buy

  • decide on and order crib (holy moly i can’t make a decision on this. but my self-imposed deadline to order is feb 15)

crib{babyletto modo crib, ordered from overstock}

  • decide on and order glider

gliderlove, love, love!

glider(it’s the benji glider recliner by best chairs, ordered at twinkle twinkle little one, upholstered in a fabulous dark gray thick linen-like fabric with matching piping)

  • find rug and order:  i have made a decision, but haven’t ordered it yet. soon! just praying for a west elm rug sale or shipping sale.
  • buy a dresser (i have had my eye on the edland dresser at ikea for months now) (will also be used as a changing table) (paint?): edland dresser purchased and assembled! not painting, for now.

dresser close up

  • find fabric and order- this will finally determine the color scheme
  • choose light gray paint color: benjamin moore “bunny gray”, and the painting is done




after(it’s so hard to photograph. in real life, it’s a little lighter. gray is soooo much better than beige!)

(also purchased and hung drapes, purchased and assembled bookcase, and bought miscellaneous items including storage bins, a poster, frames…)

things to make

  • sheets: if i have time, i will try to make a sheet. but otherwise i have registered for sheets. (i never found sheet fabric i loved outside of plain fabric, which is  so much easier to buy)
  • bed skirt

crib skirtit’s very hard to photograph – the crib gets in the way 😉

pleat(i love and am so impressed with my box pleat)

side view


  • bumper (it will complete the look, but i know it has to come out of the crib until sids risk is over.) i’m crossing this off even though i have one final step left – hand sewing them closed.  or maybe i shouldn’t cross this off just yet…
  • boppy pillow cover(s) (need a boppy pillow!)
  • mobile (or buy from etsy)
  • burp cloths
  • blanket: faux chenille blanket done, customized with his initial. t-shirt blanket is in the works! (translation: we have the t-shirts, now i have to make it)


blanket back

blanket close up

  • pennant banner
  • pillow(s)
  • art

progress has been made, and it looks like a nursery now, but it still needs the finishing touches – mainly the rug and things on the wall (and some registry items). i can’t lie – i spend way too much time staring at the nursery from the doorway, and sitting in the glider now that we have it. it’s just so crazy to think of our little henry home in his nursery in about two months or less.

more to come!


ruffles and appliques: burp cloths

burp cloths! one of my favorite baby gifts to give for a touch of personalization. someone in my office recently gave birth to a gorgeous little lady, tallulah (tilly), and i made her some pretty burp cloths to up the style of her spit up.

(edited to add: i forgot to mention that the base of these burp cloths are the gerber premium 6-ply cloth diapers, which have been given two thumbs up for use as a burp cloth – and what me and my siblings grew up using)

every girl needs some ruffles, so ruffles it was, made out of a pink and white striped jersey fabric from my stash (jersey fabric is great for ruffles since the edges won’t fray). the ruffles were made following the same steps as the ruffles from my ‘think pink’ burp cloths:

sew down middle{using the longest stitch, sew down middle of fabric strip – do not back stitch}

pull thread{gently pull one of the threads to gather the fabric. my back side thread worked best}

pin and sew{pin ruffles to fabric, sew down middle of ruffle – backstitching at beginning and end}



i also tried my hand at appliques for the first time, and i will definitely be doing it again – easy and i love the outcome.

(note: steps pictured are for a different project, but it’s the same idea)

supplies needed: fabric for design, heat n bond, design and fabric the applique is being applied to

heat n bond{this is the heat n bond i used – ultra. it says to not sew, which is great since it eliminates a step. but if you do want to sew around the design for extra strength, i did and it was just fine.}

trace your desired design onto paper side of the heat n bond. if it’s something that needs to go in a certain direction – i.e. a letter or word – make sure it’s printed/drawn backwards.


iron heat n bond design to back side of design fabric, paper side up.


cut out design.

cut out

peel off paper from  backside, position on fabric and iron. viola!



i used the same technique for the last burp cloth, although my fabric was my design (so i just ironed on a piece of heat n bond large enough to cover the design to the fabric,  cut around the edges, peeled the paper off and then ironed the applique to the burp cloth).


for some reason i was having issues with the applique adhering in places to the burp cloth (i really don’t know why), so i did sew around the perimeter of the applique using a zig zag stitch (i like to use white thread so the stitches blend in on the opposite side).


the pretty trio:

burp cloths

all packaged up:

burp cloths

and there you have it. burp cloths that are not only functional but pretty too.

it was fun to step away from the boy mindset that i’ve been in for the past couple months since finding out i was having a boy. i can’t say that i’m not a tiny bit jealous i can’t enjoy flowers and ruffles myself – but that’s what future kiddos are for (hopefully) 🙂


p.s. for more burp cloth inspiration, see here, here and here

t-shirt blanket tutorial

tshirt blanket

six months ago (don’t hate because i’m so behind on things) i made a chicago sports themed t-shirt blanket for the baby shower of this handsome little man.


for baby showers, i always like to give something homemade (for a personal touch) along with something from the registry (for a practical touch). as our friend john, the dad, is a huge chicago sports fan, and they were expecting a little boy, the idea for the blanket was sparked when i saw another friend’s t-shirt blanket (theirs was a bit more complicated and larger, this is my simple version).

the blanket is fairly simple, especially since you don’t need to bind it. the hardest part may be collecting enough t-shirts to use! if you don’t have a bunch of extras lying around, like me, the thrift store is a great place to find them (and of course wash before you make the blanket, please). or you could ask friends and family to donate old shirts, so the blanket will be even more special.

(note: the size of the blanket is really up to you and your materials – the number of shirts available and the size of the squares from them, and the width and length of your backing fabric).

step 1. gather t-shirts to be used. the amount of t-shirts needed depends on the size of the blanket (or, the amount of t-shirts gathered decides the size of the blanket! i gathered about 16 shirts, and used 12 for the blanket)

step 2. decide how large you want each t-shirt square to be and make a template for easy measuring. the size of the t-shirts determines the largest size possible (the  area below the neck and between the sleeves). i found the smallest t-shirt i wanted to use and made the biggest square possible out of it, to be used for all other t-shirts.


step 3. use the template to cut squares of the t-shirts (i also used a straight edge for extra strength and my rotary cutter).


step 4. arrange your t-shirt squares to find the pattern you like. i laid mine down on my backing fabric (blue, soft minky, one of my favorites) to check how many across and long would fit.


step 5. flip over one square onto the square next to it, so the right sides are together. pin along the inner edge (the edge that joins the squares within the blanket – not a top, bottom or outer edge). sew along the pinned edge (i used a 1/4″ seam allowance).

face to face

sew along edge

step 6. open the two squares you just sewed, and repeat step 5 with the next square in the row. do this for all squares in your row (if it’s only 3 like me, the row is done; ignore my upside down squares below).

pin next square

step 7. follow steps 5 and 6 for all rows. rows

step 8. flip one row on top of the one below or above it, so the right sides are together. pin along the inner edge and sew, making sure to open the row seams so they lay flat.

rows together


step 9. repeat step 8, attaching all rows together. you will end up with one large piece, the front of your blanket.

step 10. lay the back fabric right side up, and the t-shirt front right side down on top. pin all around and sew (again i used a 1/4″ seam allowance), back stitching at the beginning and end. make sure to leave an opening to turn it right-side out – i left the length of a square unsewn.

sewn together

step 11. trim the corners and turn right-side out through the opening.


turn right side out

step 12. pin opening shut, folding in fabric to match seam allowance. sew around entire blanket perimeter, back stitching at beginning and end.

pin opening




both the back and the front are so soft, perfect for cuddling.


top stitch

beck and blanket

one of my favorite t-shirts was too small to be used in the blanket, so i whipped up an easy burp cloth out of it. after trimming the shirt to size, i cut a piece of terry cloth fabric the same size for the back. with right sides  pinned together, i sewed around the edge, leaving an opening a few inches wide. after turning right side out, i turned in the opening edges to match the seam allowance, pinned, and sewed around the entire edge. done!

burp cloth

burp cloth

happy sewing!

though i have plans to make my son a chenille blanket, ryan has informed me that he also needs a chicago sports t-shirt blanket of his own. i need to start collecting the shirts now…


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