Toddler Painted Valentine Hearts

I am so not on the ball with this post; almost not even with this project. It was done on February 13th, cutting it quite close (luckily we didn’t have to mail anything). Hence this being posted after Valentine’s Day instead of before like others who think in advance.

Henry’s been loving making art lately (via chalkboard, crayons, Color Wonder markers…) and I finally attempted the dreaded paint. Dreaded due to the mess. It wasn’t too bad though since I put a drop cloth over the table, used a paint brush instead of fingers (for the most part) and Henry was shirtless so the mess was less (though I should have taken off his pants, too). I quickly, and therefore not perfectly, made a couple heart shaped outlines with painters tape on a piece of paper. I squeezed out some pink and white paint for Henry and then I simply let him paint away. I helped point out areas that needed some more paint, but other than that, he painted this all on his own. And seemed to love it. And totally ate the paint at one point. He also enjoyed the afternoon bath time that resulted from this project.

valentine art painting set up valentine art painting 5 eating paint valentine art painting 4 valentine art painting 3 valentine art painting 2 valentine art paintingbath time

After Henry was done painting, I removed the painters tape carefully (the paper got a little stuck to it in one part) and cut the paper in half for the two valentines. A little dry time and writing and then they were done.

Valentine Day Heart Art

Just a little something that let Henry do what he loves for people he loves. Awwwww.



art table: ikea latt hack

{So I’ve been wanting a new site design, including a logo, for a while. I’ve been farting around on my computer and have gotten a bit frustrated at not being able to do exactly what I want due to lack of skills but have it in a better place. Instead of waiting and spending a million more hours trying to teach myself not only illustrator but also website shenanigans (and spending lots of money customizing stuff) and maybe never doing it, I decide to just go with what I have so far. The logo might change (I have like four more and can’t make up my mind – big surprise) and some day I might figure out how to customize the CSS so I can get the layout right (like, why aren’t my things getting centered on the sidebar? Sooooooo annoying. And I don’t want the polka dots but don’t know how to get rid of them) or even the whole layout again. Anyway. Welcome to a new you’re so martha! For now.}


Back in, oh, August, during my birthday IKEA run, I bought the LATT table for Henry. I wanted to hack it into an art table like Freckles Chick but couldn’t decide what color or colors. White? Might get ruined too quickly. Natural wood with a pop of color? What color? It sat in my garage for months and I finally got my act together late December and decided to stain it ebony, to match our floors. At the last minute I decided to spray the seat and table top with the leftover dark teal spray paint from my kitchenaid mixer update. (I still think a bold and bright pop of color would look great but have no idea what color!)

I stained all the wood pieces before I put it together, front and back. If I had read the assembly instructions through first, some pieces only needed one side stained (or even not at all, since they were on the underside). Oh well. For the seats and the tabletop I  spray primed first and then did a couple coats of the teal.  Then I put it together and was going to spray it with clear poly but was too excited for the kiddos to use it New Year’s Eve when it was finished so it was used as-is. Don’t be like me, make sure to do the poly before use! (The paint got scratched in a couple places and I had to touch it up) A couple days later Ryan helped me add a dowel rod underneath the table to hold the roll of paper; he used a couple plumbing pieces secured with heavy duty glue to hold the dowel rod underneath the table, with a notch cut out of one of them so the dowel rod could be taken in and out. A couple pieces of flat trim just over an inch wide were cut to the width of the table and stained. To raise the trim up so the paper could be fed through Ryan put a washer at each corner between the table and the trim before he screwed them in through the washer.  Finally I did a couple coats of spray poly, which I should have done before use!

Here is the LATT table au naturale.


And stained and painted:

IMG_9509 IMG_9514

Bam, an art table:


Here’s a couple detail shots of the trim and underneath so it’s more clear.

trim bottomIMG_9524

Henry loves it. I will say that the table and chairs are very light, so they are able to be pushed around very easily (we put the felt pads on the bottom of the legs) and Henry toppled over a few times while trying to get on the chair. But he’s mainly figured out how to get on and off pretty well without incident now. He’s had snacks there, and him and friends have enjoyed dinner there. Henry requests to draw everyday, and is turning into the next Van Gogh (but hopefully less tortured, his ears will stay intact and he’ll be famous before he’s dead since I could use a vacation house ;)) – or maybe Picasso from the way his drawings are so far, but let’s go with VG since he’s my fave.

Henry at table henry coloring

If only I hadn’t waited so long to do what was a pretty quick and easy project.

Art Table-IKEA LATT hack |



a kitchenaid mixer makeover

when i was getting married i really wanted a brand new kitchenaid mixer in one of their fancy new colors. but i already had one that was handed down to me in perfect working order, so it just didn’t make sense to request a new one. i lived with the old standard issue almond color for years until i decided to simply paint it! though i was definitely nervous since i didn’t have money laying around to go buy a new one if it didn’t turn out well. i bit the bullet and just did it (back before we moved since i knew it would never get done with all our house projects), and it ended up being a fairly easy and quick project, and it may be my favorite project to date!

how to spray paint mixer

first i removed all the removeable parts, including the silver band, back cover, front disc and bottom plate. everything had screws so it was easy. i also removed the black side screws, but don’t do that! they have something to do with the motor, and it’s safer to just tape them off. (when i put my mixer back together it didn’t turn on! talk about heart dropping to the floor. it was because the parts in the black screws had to go back in just so and it wasn’t done correctly. fixed by ryan, phew). then i gave it and the removed parts a really, really good cleaning (i used a tsp substitute  on the body of the mixer which is supposed to remove some of the glossy finish, then followed it up with soapy water). next i taped everything off that shouldn’t be painted. for the back motor area i covered it with a bag held on with a rubber band. i wrapped the beginning of the cord in tape and the excess was put in a plastic bag. then it was a thin coat or two of primer (i used gray since i was going dark) followed by a couple thin coats of the dark turquoise color (i used a gloss enamel paint thinking it might hold up better).

spray painted mixer_6

spray painted mixer

spray painted mixer_3

spraypainted mixer_1

spraypainted mixer

spray painted mixer_5

i am seriously in love with it. it almost looks factory made (nothing is absolutely perfect when diy-ing).

from blah to beautiful!

before and after spray painted mixer

before and after 2 spray painted mixer


when we were getting married i would have chosen a green apple color. now, not so much. right now i’m loving the deep turquoise, but who know in a few years – but since it was fairly easy, i can change the color once i change my mind again! i’ll say it again, this might be my favorite project to date! the power of spray paint…


spring pinterest challenge {gold striped votives}

spring edition

i did it! i finished my pinterest challenge project just in time. i had no time to even think about it over the weekend, and still had to figure out what pin to get inspired by sunday  night. i really wanted to do one related to henry’s first birthday party, as we’re moving soon and once we do i will have so many house-related projects i don’t know when i’ll have a free moment to think of anything else….but guys, he turns one next month, and like, i have to throw a birthday party for him (which i’ve never done). i need to get on this. but i didn’t have time to go to the store for supplies, so i decided to use supplies i had at home and revamp a few votive holders that i had recently spared from the trash when their coating started peeling. the victims before:

votives before(i had already started taking off the film, but it had started peeling on it’s own before…the green hadn’t as much, and were a pain to remove. lots of scraping.)

and the after:

gold striped votives

here’s how i did it.

my pinspiration was a recent pin of gold and white striped cans-turned-bud vases:


{image from pinterest; original source: two delighted – super cute blog btw!}

my supplies:


cleaner, primer, gold spraypaint, frog tape, votive, cutting mat (and a rotary cutter and ruler not pictured).

first i prepped the votives. i scraped all the colored film off (starting off with ready-to-use, plain candle holders would cut the time for this project in half at the least, making it super fast) then i used the cleaner and rinsed with water and air dried.

next, i cut strips of painters tape into varying widths for my striped designs on a cutting mat with my rotary cutter and a ruler to ensure straight lines. i applied them to the votives, carefully eyeballing the spacing, and rubbed hard on the tape to help get crisp lines. because my votives were tapered, thicker tape lines creased a little on the bottom when stuck, creating a slightly less than straight line – a straight side or thin tape lines solve that.

creased tape

to prevent spray paint from getting inside (it is flammable), i sprayed them upside-down and taped the bottom (because i didn’t want gold on the bottom since it might rub off) or had a bag taped in the inside.


to help the gold paint adhere i did a quick, thin coat of primer spray paint. once dried, and henry was down for his nap, i did about three light coats of the gold spray paint. a couple minutes later i carefully pulled the tape off and let dry for a bit.


i’m glad i decided not to throw these away. now i have modern and glam votive holders.

gold striped votives 013

or even small bud vases.

bud vasegold striped votives 021 bud vase

this one is currently prettying up the bathroom.


simple and small but a big impact. i can’t seem to get enough of gold these days (though i’m sure that won’t always be the case). the paint adhered well the the glass – though i wouldn’t put it in the dishwasher and risk it – so i think i may need to add design to some other vases i have lying around.

gold striped votive

as always, thank you to katie and sherry and their guest hosts for another pinterest challenge. it gave me the push to do something that i wouldn’t have gotten around to. who knows how long the chipped votives would have sat around for in my new house before being thrown away. now i can’t wait to find a place for them!

did you participate in the spring pinterest challenge too? let me know what you did!


bandana bib

can we talk for a quick sec about how daylight savings time sucks? who invented this? how do some follow it and some not? will they ever change their mind and get rid of it? please? how else is my baby supposed to know what the heck time it is?


as i mentioned in my dipped wooden bead necklace post, leading up to the latest pinterest challenge i actually completed not one but two projects! yes, i was super proud of myself, and it felt good to get back into the creative saddle. it didn’t hurt that they were both super easy and fast.

my second project was one i had been meaning to do forever, and wish i had sooner, since it really was super quick:

bandana bib

i mean, look at that cuteness! totes better than the standard bibs. now he can drool in style.

i didn’t take pictures of the process really. i referred to a couple tutorials i found, a no-sew one (though i wanted it more finished) and this one with a template (but i didn’t use the template).

the process was quite simple, and you could even simplify it even more if you wanted.

1. cut an 11 inch square out of your front and back fabric (10 1/2 or 10 inch may work too depending on seam allowance and your baby’s neck)

2. lay fabrics right sides together

3. cut from corner to corner making two triangles – now you can make two bibs!

4. carefully fold one of your bibs in half, and cut an arc from the corner to the middle. marking a line first would be less nerve-wracking, but i decided to wing it. this step you can easily skip, but i wanted a little less bulk/folding at the neck. next time i might even do more of an arc; i was a bit unsure when doing this one and i don’t know if it made too much of a difference.

cutting neckline

5. unfold and with the right sides together still, pin and sew around the bib, leaving a couple inch gap unsewn (i recommend not right at the corner, it will be easier to turn).

*if you’re sewing with a knit, like my black and white fabric, i found that sewing with it on the top (flannel on the bottom) and putting a piece of tissue paper on top of it (just sew right through it) helped not stretch & pull the knit while sewing.

6. turn bib inside out through the gap so the right sides are facing out. fold in the gap seam allowance, pin, and sew a top stitch around the entire bib.

7. attach either a snap set or velcro to the ends. remember that the nub part of the snap or the rough part of velcro should be on the right side of the fabric so it faces up (not towards their neck), and the corresponding snap or velcro should be on the wrong side of the fabric on the other end. done!

bandana bib

let’s discuss snaps. this was my first time using them. and while i love the professional look of them, i, excuse my language, f’in hate the implementation of them. i bought not one but two snap fasteners, and they both blow (this one and one similar to this one, can’t find the actual one). both need a hammer, and even after banging the crap out of them, they wouldn’t attach to the fabric securely. i went through probably five sets of snaps to one to work ok, if you used it gently – until you don’t and it comes off the fabric, making it useless.  then i made a second bib for my nephew, and bam, there goes another five sets of snaps, for me to then give up and attach velcro.  but i like the look of the snap so much better, so i’m not entirely ready to give up on them yet. does anyone have any tips for how to use the tools i bought, or can recommend a different snap fastener tool?

bandana bib

and of course this was an excuse for a photo shoot, because what isn’t? a day ending with ‘day’ is an excuse 😉 (did that even make sense? i’ve been really corny lately, poor henry who has to listen to me all day. ryan just makes fun of me.)

bandana bibbandana bib

bandana bib bandana bib bandana bib bandana bib bandana bib

enjoy your day!


linked to southern lovely and trendy treehouse

pinterest challenge {i’m baaaaaack}


last week another pinterest challenge was thrown down by several blogs i follow, young house love, bower power and, this time around, decor and the dog. i missed the last two challenges and i figured henry wasn’t cutting it as much of an excuse anymore, eight months later. so i was determined to do something, anything to get back in the creative saddle. and that something had to be quick, as henry’s naps are marginal and now he doesn’t stay where i put him. the nerve.

after i picked out my pinspiration, i cruised over to joann fabrics for supplies for my project and…the city of chicago doesn’t allow what i needed to be sold, which was glass etching cream. now let me go off on a tangent here for a sec, and say chicago: screw you! i knew you banned spray paint – lot of good that’s done. and now glass etching cream? is there a gang movement of etching windows that i haven’t heard about? how am i supposed to get my craft on?! i can’t wait till i move to the burbs. {end rant}

so i had to find a plan b, with little time to spare as the little monster back home (i was out of the house, alone!) needed to eat soon. and this pin was it, a super easy but pretty wood bead necklace from one of the hosts of the challenge, decor and the dog. i bought the beads (now that i’m looking back at hers, her beads were bigger. i may like the bigger beads better. can’t decide) and black ribbon (black is my go-to color), both with 40% off coupons, of course, so this project was also cheap. during henry’s short naptime i got to work, and finished!

wooden bead necklace

i followed the super simple steps from decor and the dog, but complicated it by ‘dipping’ my beads in gold (because i’m a sucker for gold + black). so instead of a 5 minute project it was about 15 minutes. 15 minutes for a project i can do.

wood bead necklace supplies

in my craft supplies i had three options for gold, shown in the image above (two acrylic paints and rub ‘n buff) – and surprise, surprise, rub ‘n buff won out. because it’s the best ever.

to ‘dip’ (and by dip i mean paint with a brush) my beads i took a piece of painters tape (ripped in half lengthwise since my beads were small enough) and placed it around the bead a little more than halfway down, rubbing the edges of the tape with a credit card to seal tightly. to create a stand to dry i nipped the tape on the bottom in four places. then i painted on the rub ‘n buff and let dry on the stand stuck to a paper plate.  (and because i used rub ‘n buff, i had to do the ‘buff’ part of the name and buffed the beads once dry. if you use paint there’s no buffing needed.)

tape stand

gold beads

string them on the ribbon, tie a knot, tie a bow, and done!

wooden bead necklace

wooden bead necklace

wooden bead necklace

i do recommend lightly singeing the ends of the ribbon over a candle to seal the ribbon so it doesn’t fray. so maybe 15 minutes and 15 seconds is more accurate 🙂


one problem with the rub ‘n buff on the beads: henry wants to eat them. and that is a no. could have guessed that…

henry eat necklace

and surprise, surprise, i actually got another project done too! a super simple and quick sewing project (because as i said before, quick is the name of the game nowadays). i was going to do a two-in-one post, but the two projects are not relevant to the other, you only have so long of an attention span, and these days i need as much blog content as i can get 🙂 so i will see you again soon, really. not to mention someone turned eight months yesterday (what?!), so there’s that post as well.

did you accept the pinterest challenge? maybe for the next one i’ll get my hands on glass etching cream and do my plan a. or maybe before…

my past pinterest challenges: lyrics art, heart art, moss monogram wreath


mini heart garland {diy}

sorry for my absence. it’s cold. we’re not doing much around here. no house to move into and do things to. this week all three of us got the stomach flu. and there’s only so many photos of henry i can subject you to.

so with that, i’ve had a hankering to do a craft, and with valentine’s day creeping up,  i’ve seen lots of v-day crafts. i’m not big on decorating for smaller holidays, but i thought a little heart action couldn’t hurt.

mini heart garland diy

i decided to finally replace my christmas wreath with my coffee filter wreath (remember when those diy’s were popular a few years ago? still have it and love it) and make a mini heart garland for it. not wanting to go to the store for anything, i scrounged around my craft supplies for the garland materials. i found:

-a heart paper punch (used for this pinterest inspired heart artwork)
-red cardstock
-a red and pink ombre flocked striped notecard (that i diy’d awhile ago and decided i didn’t like enough to send to anyone)
-“all you need is love” stamp (used for the hotel thank you bags for my wedding)

i punched out a bunch of red hearts…and decided they were a bit…red. i’m not much of a red person.

heart punch

{note to self: love the stripes with the heart punched out. just noticed now}

so i punched hearts out of the front of the flocked note card and loved the striped, furry hearts. then i stamped “all you need is love” on the remaining parts of the note card and cut out hearts with different parts of the phrase on them.


once a bunch of hearts were punched i estimated the amount i would need for my garland, decided the order i wanted them in (mostly random though) and sewed them together. to sew them i pulled the thread so there was a few inch tail at the start and simply sewed through the hearts horizontally, gently pulling the thread about an inch between each heart, and then i left another tail at the end.

in all honestly the hardest part was getting it to lay perfectly on my wreath.

wreath on door

it was fast too. it would have been a naptime project, except this past week my son has decided he will take even shorter naps now, if he naps, so not quite that fast.

mini heart garland

mini heart garland text closeup

mini heart garland

enjoy your day!