Baby Bump #2 | Weeks 15 & 16

Hello, again. Here’s another maternity book catch-up post.

15 weeks 16 weeks

Seriously, with the tiredness – oy. So much worse than last time, I swear. I think it’s a combo of having Henry to take care of and some bad sleeping. I seriously only get like one or two good nights of sleep a week. Peeing in the middle of the night happened pretty much immediately, and some nights I can’t fall asleep, or I can’t fall back asleep after the bathroom break, or I just keep waking up…or all three if it’s a particularly bad night. Some people like to say “it’s just practice for having a newborn and being up all night” – well, please don’t let that be you saying it to me, because on this lack of sleep? I might punch you in the face. At least in my head. Here’s the thing – I don’t have a newborn yet, so I’d like to sleep. I don’t need to “practice” thankyouverymuch.

My cravings – or more like the only foods that really sound delicious to me, couldn’t be more unhealthy. How do I go about craving things like plain celery, calorie-free pickles and lettuce? Luckily I’m used to working out, well, apart from the beginning of the pregnancy when I was so tired I just couldn’t, so I’m trying to make it to the gym two times a week to counteract the carb breakfast, carb snack, carb lunch, carb snack, carb dinner and carb dessert. I think at 16 weeks I had only gained six pounds…but here at almost 24 weeks it’s definitely starting to catch up to me.

I’m also doing a collage of sorts, to see the progression of the belly. (It also shows the difference in my editing of the white balance from week to week, but let’s focus on the belly instead of my photography skills thanks). Week 16 will be on the next one…

first collage

Almost caught up!

(See the first Week 15 and Week 16)



YSM Paper

Soooooo I started an Etsy shop. Without really telling anyone about it, except for instagram when it was launched. I’ve always had plans of starting one that has sewn goods (burp cloths and blankets and pillows and whatnot), and I even have the shop name reserved on Etsy and perhaps even bought (a little bit of) fabric for pillows and such, but I barely have time or motivation to do much of anything around these parts, so sewing for an Etsy shop is just not happening. I still have the pillows on my couch that match my couch fabric, people – that is so not cool, and I hate them so much, though in order to sew new ones that means I have to make a decision on what colors and fabrics to use, then buy it, then actually sew, so my prediction of new pillows is maybe sometime never. But who knows with the thing called “nesting”. It would be great if it could kick in any. day. now. so I’m motivated for the one million projects I have to do.

YSM Paper logo

BUT, back to the Etsy shop I did actually open. I’m good at sitting on the couch and using my computer – that’s the type of project I have motivation for – so the shop is YSM Paper and it’s a shop of instant download typography prints. I’ve always had a passion for typography, and I’ve been learning how to use Illustrator slowly but surely, so I finally started creating prints for myself to fill the empty frames hanging on my walls (for months…and months…). Ideas for prints just kept coming and suddenly I had a folder full of prints – some finished, some almost, some just a placeholder to come back to. Some are simple, some are girly, some are fun, some are sentimental, but all are me. Quotes or lyrics I love, songs I sing to Henry, phrases that reflect my love for my family, etc. etc. mushy mushy. So on whim I opened up shop to basically see what happens, since I have all of these anyway. Why not? 

beYOUtiful_flowers_8x10_etsy-listing greatest-contribution_8x10_turquoise_etsy-image like-best_navy-raspberry_8x10_etsy-listing

There’s not too many prints available yet, just the few I had the most ready to launch with, but I’m constantly working on finishing the ones I’ve started to get listed, making progress on some and getting new ideas all the time – so follow me or check back! Most everything is meant to be printed and framed at 8″x10″, though a couple prints have different sizes due to already being created for myself (they can probably be sized down, though I’m happy to work with people on different sizes or orientations or even colors). Everything is an instant download only, which is honestly due to wanting to see if anyone is actually interested in my stuff before figuring out all the logistics of physically printing and mailing things to people.

It’s kind of nerve wrecking to put it all out there, but what’s to lose? At the least I’ll have a very full library of prints to fill the mountain of empty frames I have. I’d love for you to check it out, “heart” it on Etsy if you happen to be on there, and even let me know if there’s a quote/saying/idea you’ve been wanting. I also added a link to the shop in my header and sidebar, so you can’t miss it 🙂


Baby Bump #2 | Weeks 7 & 13

Boy am I behind documenting this pregnancy. This week I will be 23 (!) weeks and I finally started on #2’s maternity book. I really couldn’t decide which direction to go, photo-wise and layout-wise, but as you can see, I finally did. Anyway, here’s the first two pages, I will have more to share soon.

week 7-01 week 13 bump

As you can also see, things (or, um, a certain belly) progressed a little faster this time around, hence starting at 7 weeks!


Henry is getting a….

Baby Boy 2


If you follow me on Instagram or know me in real life then you probably already knew two weeks ago since I’ve neglected this little blog of mine lately, but I figured better late than never is best for this internet space of mine.

Going into the appointment, I had no “feeling” of boy or girl – I don’t know how people have those to be honest. My only indication of anything was that this pregnancy has been fairly similar to the last one – though not exactly the same, but that’s just an old wives tale anyway, so I didn’t put much stock into it. Henry said it was a girl every time I asked him, so I felt so bad for him that he was wrong, even though I’m sure he didn’t really care. I’m going to be really truthful, finding out it was a boy, again, was a combination of excitement, shock and a smidge of disappointment (future child of mine: smidge. And I know it will be all gone once you’re here and another beautiful boy of mine). And most of all gratefulness that the baby is healthy, of course.

+Excitement: Henry will have a brother! Built in best friends! Another totally handsome and awesome son. It will be so interesting to see how alike and similar they are. I really hope he’s as sweet and overall well behaved as Henry is. And as good of a nighttime sleeper as Henry was/is, just for starters (I can wish, right?).

+Shock: TWO boys! I WILL BE A MOM OF TWO BOYS. Never saw that coming. Even though I had no idea what it was going into it, and knew it was a possibly of being another boy, it still didn’t register until it was true. Even though I have a boy already, I don’t consider myself a “boy mom” as some say.  Maybe after two?

+Disappointment: I can’t lie, I want a daughter so bad. I want the most adorable clothes ever, pony tails, pig tails, tea parties, babies, prom dress shopping, wedding dress shopping…I wanted a boy so him and Henry could be besties since they’ll be close in age, but I wanted the pressure off of the third child (should I have one, crossing fingers) and to just have one. Now it all comes down to the last one. Dum dum dum. (And should it be a girl, I’m already sad she won’t have a sister. But we’re not doing 4, nope.) But that’s a while from now…

Whatever the sex, this one or the next (or the first, ahem, Henry), the bottom line is that they are healthy and I will love them an immeasurable amount. I will love them so much I want to squeeze them and kiss them over and over and never let go and hold them forever…but that would be weird, so I’ll do all those things in my head and only do that sometimes when I can’t control myself.

In closing: brothers! Everyone says they’re awesome, so I’m sure they are. And crazy. And love their mom 🙂 Though I honestly don’t know how I’ll handle having the two cutest boys in the world, my head/heart might explode.


Henry’s 2nd Birthday Party – Party Animals!

The weekend before my not-a-baby-anymore baby turned two we had a friends & family party for him to celebrate. I couldn’t decide on a theme (Curious George, Mickey Mouse, animals – all his current loves), but months ago I took an online illustrator class and came up with this birthday invitation idea and stuck with the animal theme since I was really proud of the invitation (personal details removed now, of course). It was such a great day! Several people couldn’t make it unfortunately, but honestly the smaller guest list was pretty nice for having time to actually have full conversations with those who made it. I didn’t go all out for decorations (I had to cut some due to time but really wasn’t that sad about it), but did make tiny party hats for the little animals I had on all the tables, drew on my chalkboard wall to match the invitation (kind of…) and had my sister create a ‘2’ out of pictures of Henry from the past year (thanks Pinterest! or Instagram?). Henry didn’t cry when we sang Happy Birthday this year, so that’s an improvement, though we did forget to practice blowing out candles. He was again a champ at opening presents, actually opening them and was interested in each and every one. Love him. Funny story before I get to the pics – while everyone was busy in the kitchen getting ready for the party, I noticed I didn’t hear Henry. You know it’s trouble when you don’t hear toddlers, so I went to look for him and found him in the dining room helping himself to the cake I put on the buffet – with his hands. It was amazing. Of course I took a picture first, then cleaned it up.

Henry bday invite_5x7 cake in hand cake eating pre party dessert table cake cake topper animal bunting cabinet

(sneak peek!)2 animals birthday hat outside tables IMG_0897 IMG_7237 IMG_0994 IMG_0990 IMG_0896 jilly happy birthday song blowing out candles eating cake opening presents family pic

 I love him so.


Coming January 2015!

Baby Stuckenschneider #2!


I am so excited for Henry to be a big brother and to be a family of four in the new year!

Henry brother shirt

Seriously, I can’t use enough exclamation points! Even through the nausea and complete exhaustion (please end soon) I am so excited and already impatient to meet him or her. It’s all worth it in the end, right?

fmaily pic

The baby’s official due date is January 14. My current doctor has told me I will have another c-section on January 7, but I may be changing doctors in case I decide to try the other route (VBAC – let me know if you have any experience with that) — though knowing when they’re coming, and having to wait a full week less would be nice. We will be finding out the sex again, since I’m way too impatient and want to get planning the nursery and names and everything. The most important thing is having a healthy baby (of course), but Ryan would like another boy (of course) and while it would be nice for Henry to have a brother only 2 1/2 years younger, I would love a girl so much. The gender ratio in this household needs to even up! I have even started taking  a couple bump photos already, as seriously I had pregnant bloat belly happening pretty much immediately with #2, though I can’t decide which direction I want to take them (Same outfit every time? which? Only belly, no face? Kind of impersonal, but let’s be honest, it’s a rare day here when I do my hair let alone make up and the first time I tried to get my head in…no, just no.)

I will be sure to keep you updated, though as you can tell, not quite so often. I have our painted house, patio (not quite finished yet but almost) and summer vacation to share…some day 🙂 I’m pretty exhausted all day long, so computer use is pretty sparse. I will try my best though! So yea! Babies! I can’t wait to have a newborn, cuddly little squish again.



Henry: Today you are TWO!


Henry, today you are two!

Today you say so many words, though you still only say the first syllable. Just a sampling: Ha (Henry), Ma, Da, Ba (Beck), Ja (Jack), Jer (Uncle Jarrett), Pa, Ah (Otto, and Charlotte), wah (walk), poo (pool, poo, pee), pull, hi, bye, na (banana, yellow), nya (milk), Geor (Curious George), Ah-ja (Mickey Mouse), juice, choo (train), truck, draw, and my personal favorite – boo (balloon, blue, boo boo and…boob – while grabbing it. ha!).

Today you have also started to put together phrases and it’s so cute. “Nya Geor Da Ba” (drink milk while watching Curious George with Dad and Beck – usually said after bath time) and “Da Ba wah” (Dad and Beck go on a walk).

Today you don’t ever sit still, even while watching TV.

Today you love to climb – on furniture, on Beck, on Mom and Dad. Though you are still fairly cautious and haven’t gotten really hurt yet (knock on wood).

Today you are 34 3/4 inches tall and weigh 27.5 pounds.

Today Curious George is still your favorite. Though you also love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Today you fake cry, a lot. Though sometimes you convince yourself it’s for real and then it’s for real.

Today you love trucks. In the car you ask me for “one more truck” over and over again. If I could make trucks appear for you, I would my dear.

Today you love to draw. You draw line after line on the chalkboard, and scribbles on paper. You request that I write “Henry” and draw dogs, cats and owls over and over…and over.

Today you love letters. You love the Endless Alphabet app, and can identify and match letters. Sometimes I think you’re a genius. You say “ah ah ah” to point out letters.

Today you love to learn.

Today you love animals. You call a cow a “moo” and a pig a “go”. Sometimes I am your interpreter.

Today fruit snacks, apple juice and milk are your favorites.

Today you love to go to the pool. Your favorite part is the fountains and you love to stand over them and spray your bum like the big kids. You also love the sprinkler, and the hose, and the bath. You’re a water baby and I love it.

Today you sign “thank you” but everyone thinks you’re blowing kisses – which works.

Today you are still destined to be a class clown. If something accidental makes you laugh or other people laugh, you attempt to do it again and again.

Today you walk by women at the pool, wave and say “hiiiii”. Lady killer.


Henry, I wish you all the happiness, smiles, stomach-aching laughter, Curious George marathons and trucks you could ever want. I hope your love for learning and getting laughs never ends. I love you forever and ever and always. I love being your Ma.

IMG_7270 IMG_7278