In the shop {YSM Paper}

Since I launched my Etsy shop, YSM Paper, a couple months ago, I’ve added a bunch of new prints! Prices were also lowered for the holiday season (and may continue afterwards), so for only $5 you can get some new art. I have a few Christmas/holiday prints, many that would be perfect for a nursery or big kid room, and others that would work anywhere in your house.










{here, also in just black & white}




{here, also available in a triangle version}

{here, also available in several variations}


{here, this and the numbers print below have been printed for Henry’s room in 16×20 and look awesome!}









I really enjoy creating pieces to use in my own home, a lot of which I have planned for Henry’s room and the nursery, though I have yet to print and frame/hang most of them – which I need to get on since this babe will be here in 5 weeks or less! I’ve even taken on several custom orders, from different sizes and colors to creating prints that are not even listed in the shop!

You can favorite my shop to see new prints, or follow my YSM Paper board on Pinterest as well where I (try to remember!) pin new prints.



personalized flocked art {diy}

sorry for the long absence. i don’t have any excuse except that i honestly don’t know where time goes. i hope to soon have a better handle on time management, but i’m not holding my breath. but here i am, and not with a post about henry. well, i guess in a way it is, because it’s artwork from his nursery, and literally says henry, but he’s not the focus. though i’m sure some people wouldn’t mind if it was.

as seen in his nursery reveal, henry has personalized artwork on his walls, made by moi.

henry art

here’s how i did it!

diy flocked furry art

the supplies i used for this project include a canvas, flocking powder (i bought mine at michaels; it makes for a furry/velvety texture), mod podge, pencil (standard wood one, not a mechanical one as seen below), printout of chosen design (henry) and paintbrush.


first, on the back of my printed design (for the design, the simpler, less detailed the better), i shaded the outline with the side of my pencil.

shade edge

i find doing it against a window is easiest. make sure the lines are well shaded, but you only need to do the outline.

finished shading

i then carefully placed my design on the canvas right-side up and traced the outline with the pencil.


this will result in a light outline of the design on the canvas (although very hard to see below).


then i filled in the design with mod podge, followed by a layer of flocking powder, one letter at a time. then i tapped off the excess.

powder step(remove those lumps seen in the pic above)

after one layer, i saw where i missed spots, and found i didn’t do a thick enough glue layer.

henry first coat

i simply did a second layer right on top, which helped but it still wasn’t completely filled in yet.

henry art

after three it was sufficiently covered. then i used a clean paintbrush to brush away some errant powder to clean up some of the lines.

bam. done.

henry flocked art

this was my first time using flocking powder, and i liked it! it was a quick project (that perhaps would have been quicker if i had done a thicker, more precise layer of glue first, or used a stencil taped down) that resulted in personalized artwork for my little man’s nursery. and because it’s a kid’s space, i think the velvety, furry texture is perfect – it can be fun for him to touch, like the touch and feel books.

velvety texture

henry flocked art


henry art

now i need to figure out what else to do with the rest of my flocking powder. i’m thinking diy cards with some double stick alphabet letters i picked up…

have you used flocking powder before? any suggestions on another project to use it for?


pinterest challenge: fall edition

they did it again. young house love and bower power threw down another pinterest challenge. i was all over it like white on rice, since i love a good diy and i love to have the nudge to do it.

i couldn’t decide which of the hundreds of pins to be inspired by, but after wandering through michaels for a while and seeing what was available and what wasn’t, i decided on artwork, again.  i have two bedrooms that have nothing on the walls, as well as a gallery wall that could always be added to, so i couldn’t go wrong. plus, i actually pinned this artwork (two renditions) twice, so it must have been meant to be.

the inspiration:

inspiration{pinned from style by emily henderson}


though pinned on two separate occasions months apart, both inspiration pieces are by the same uk artist, sarah & bendrix on etsy.

at michaels i picked up the supplies i didn’t have at home, and then got to work.


supplies: shadow box frame, paper for background, paper for hearts (i picked up two pieces of slightly textured white cardstock for a white on white scheme), mod podge & foam brush for applying, glitter, heart punch (or you can make your own stencil, but the punch saved tons of time)

i started off by cutting a piece of the cardstock to fit the back of my frame.


(my frame was kind of weird and i need to cut notches).

i then punched a bunch of hearts out of the leftover cardstock.


after mocking up a layout and measuring my hearts, i made a grid of tiny dots where i would place my hearts.


there were a couple ways i could attach the hearts, and with some scrap paper and extra hearts i tried them out.

testing{sewing down the middle of the heart, folding and gluing along the fold, gluing one half of the heart}

sewing was too noticeable (and i was too lazy to switch to a smaller needle, let’s be honest) and i preferred both sides of the heart loose, so gluing along the fold was the winner.

like the pink heart in one of my inspiration images, i wanted to have a “special” heart. since i’m currently obsessed with gold and glitter, a gold glitter heart it was (i tried silver but the gold won my heart over, of  course).

because i wanted the glitter to only be on my special heart, i started with it first. using what was left of my paper after punching the hearts out as a stencil, i centered it on one of my grid dots.

after brushing it with mod podge (ensuring the full heart was covered, and not too thin so it wouldn’t dry super fast) i covered the heart with glitter.


after shaking the glitter off, i had a beautiful, gold, sparkly heart.


i then attached the 63 hearts i needed using my chosen method of folding in half, brushing the back of the fold with a little mod podge and centering on my dots. they stuck well after only a second and i quickly moved through the monotonous task.

after assembling my frame, i was left with my heart artwork.


i love the subtle white-on-white hearts and the touch of glam.

side view
i have to say it turned out exactly as i had hoped.

glitter heart

i heart it. (oh how i crack myself up).


now i just need to figure out where to hang it.

(yes, i do now have two pieces of pinterest-inspired art with a gold heart. i’m nothing but consistent.)

thanks again to sherry and katie for hosting the challenge to serve as a kick in the rear to get a project done. can’t wait till next time!

did you partake in the challenge? do let me know!


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anantomy of my gallery wall {gallery wall complete}

gallery walls, gallery walls, gallery walls…i talk about them a lot, i know. but they’re fab, as you know. one of my first projects at my new place was a gallery wall, and you’ve last seen it awaiting final artwork here. drumroll please…it is finally done.

my method for the placement of frames this time was doing the layout on the floor prior. i arranged, rearranged and rearranged some more. i took a picture of it, got a new perspective and then arranged one last time (i have discussed my thoughts on various gallery wall styles and how to arrange here. and i also didn’t follow one of my ‘suggestions’ as all my frames are different and so is what fills them. goes to show you should just do what you love, and ‘rules’ are made to be broken).

wall planning

once satisfied, i hung them on the wall, starting from the middle (big black frame) and moving up, down, and to the sides. to find the placement of my holes for nails, i used a painter’s tape method that was frustrating at times, so i’m not even going to get into it (next time, i will try this trick that i pinned from yellow brick home).

gallery wall - semi complete

some of the frames were refinished before hanging, and some were hung and later refinished (i may do a quick post one day on that). empty frames were filled and artwork was (slowly) completed, and then so was my gallery wall.

gallery wall complete

let’s take a closer look at what fills the frames.

left side

1. love candy blue raspberry silkscreen by made by girl (frame from the maxwell street market)

2, 3, 6. wedding photos

4. van gogh “harvest in provence” print (and frame) from a flea market (had no idea it was van gogh until i took it out to refinish the frame. i was going to change it out, but i like it for now, especially the pop of turquoise that someone seemed to have changed from the original green)

5. silhouette of beck, painted by me the other weekend (i seriously love it. love the pop of yellow. love beck’s little lip. favorite thing in the gallery)

middle section

1. photo taken by me in new york city from ‘top of the rock’

2. my baby

3. original “tree” carved block art by mike ennen

4, 5. wedding photos

right side

1. van gogh “irises” print, from an old calendar

2, 3, 6. wedding photos (i need to change some out for a refresh, after all it was two years ago…but i love them so it’s hard)

4. bird painting, by me last year (i just repainted the background from gray to turquoise, as seen in the second photo, to bring some color and blue to the right side)

5. chicago painting, purchased a while back at the one of a kind show (i can’t remember the artist)

7. sketch from paris, purchased when i was there 12 years ago

8. my pinterest inspired lyrics artwork

gallery wall{view when you walk in. p.s. i am loving the $2 gladiolus from jewel this year}

it’s eclectic and filled with things that make me happy. and it’s easy to change out photos or artwork, or even add new pieces…so this may not be the last time you’ll read about my gallery wall (said in a low, dramatic voice). though you probably hope so 🙂

hope you have a fab weekend.


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pinterest challenge

last week young house love, bower power, making a house a home and style by emily henderson (all blogs i follow and love) threw down a pinterest challenge. the idea was simple: make something inspired by something you pinned. being that a. i’m obsessed with pinterest and b. it’s great motivation, i took on the challenge.

i bought a couple frames in my recent flea market excursions for my planned gallery wall. i refreshed them with some paint and gold leaf, but needed to fill them. when the pinterest challenge was thrown down, it was the motivation i needed to bring out my inner artist and try to make my own art.

my inspiration:


lyrics/quote artwork by me oh my. simple, graphic and meaningful.

instead of a piece of wood i picked up a thin canvas  that would fit perfectly in one of my frames.


then i had to decide what lyric or quote i wanted to paint. after a debate (with myself) i chose lyrics from mine and ryan’s first dance, one of my favorite songs ever.

with that settled, i got to work painting the canvas, choosing a dark blue background for my white lettering. i mixed a custom color with my acrylics, but if i were to do this over, i would have chosen a color straight-from-the-bottle, or even a latex wall paint (for thicker, even coverage) since i had to go back and remix a few times to cover the canvas, resulting in a “dimensional” background. which i like fine. but again, next time i know.

for my lettering, i used painters tape as a guide for a straight line. i tried to write my letters in pencil first but it didn’t show up, so i just winged it. since i wanted my lettering aligned to the right, i worked backwards to ensure enough space.

here she is:


oh, i also added a heart made of gold leaf. i think it’s my favorite part.


it’s not perfect, and i wish i had cooler handwriting and wrote smaller, but i think it turned out well.


i hung it up in my new gallery wall, and it made me love it more.

on the wall

it was a great addition to the love fest of my wedding happening in the gallery (along with a few other non-wedding pieces). i’m also love love loving my gold leafed frame.

gallery wall

obviously my gallery wall isn’t complete (hi empty-frame-that-i-need-to-repaint-still-so-i-can-frame-my-purchased-print and blank-canvas-for-my-next-diy-art-project), but the pinterest challenge helped me get that much closer. so thanks katie, sherry, emily and lana for the motivation. i will unveil the completed gallery wall…when i get around to finishing it. i might need another pinterest challenge….

have you diy-ed your own artwork? it’s kind of intimidating, but i find it relaxing, and the result is personal. did you take on the pinterest challenge? let me know so i can take a look!