So this happened…{hello Jackson Ryan}

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Jackson “Jax” Ryan Stuckenschneider made his entrance 12 days early on Friday, January 2. He was 20″ long and 8 lbs 1 oz. I think I’m the most surprised of all, even though I wanted him to come ASAP most of all. We couldn’t be more in love with him.

IMG_0114 IMG_0125

So the birth story (mainly so I have a record of it somewhere, before I forget it!): I had been super uncomfortable in the last week, in general and because of contractions that started to hurt a little vs. just be uncomfortable. It made me wonder if the real deal was going to happen soon, but given Henry was 11 days late after inducing, I didn’t really think he would be coming, at least that soon. I didn’t even have my hospital bag packed. The morning of January 2nd I was woken up at 5:45am from what felt like being kicked in the stomach (like, hard, not like a usual baby kick). I got up and went to the bathroom and tried to go back to bed, but I was having contractions that hurt, often. I started timing them and they were four to six minutes apart, which surprised me, since I thought usually they would start further apart? After a good half hour or so without them letting up and becoming quite a bit painful I got up and took a shower, since I thought “holy sh*t, these feel how they did with Henry. This could actually be it.” and apparently I felt I needed to shower before the big show. As I tried to get dressed the contractions were even more painful, causing me to stop whatever I was doing, and convincing me that this was it. So I finally woke Ryan up about 6:30 or 6:45am and then I tried to get ahold of my parents so they could come over to be with Henry. We also tried texting a couple neighbor friends (it was 7am which isn’t super early but early enough we didn’t want to disturb anyone if we didn’t have to), but no answers all around. Luckily my sister heard me call her while she was asleep and she was able to wake my parents up, who came over to relieve a friend who was actually up and able to come over to be at the house with a still sleeping Henry (Thanks, John!). As I was throwing things into my hospital bag (I had no idea what I was doing or putting in there) and trying to get dressed (I seriously couldn’t figure out what to wear to the hospital while in labor), my water broke in the bathroom, shortly after 7am. <insert two changes of underwear>. On the three minute drive to the hospital even more water gushed out – yes indeed, I really was in labor. For real. As if I couldn’t tell before.

At the hospital I had to have a wheelchair to get to the labor and delivery ward and was swearing a lot, because geez, those contractions hurt! And were every few minutes so there wasn’t much relief. They quickly checked me in, as I told them that I was ready for my epidural, ASAP. The longest hour later I finally (though was informed it was quick) got the epidural, and thank goodness for drugs, friends. My completely asleep right leg, my extremely dry mouth and hunger were more of an annoyance than the contractions for the rest of the time. God bless a fantastic nurse (if you go to Delnor you will want Becky) who snuck me water and said I could take some sips. About 3:20 pm it was time to push (my nurse, Ryan and the doctor were really encouraging and helped this along!) and at 4:02 pm my perfect little Jackson was born. He definitely had lungs on him, and came out with some rolls! I was super excited to see those rolls 🙂 I’m hoping they stay/grow. When Henry came to meet him that night with my family, it was the best thing ever. He was so excited, kept asking to see “baby Jax”, proudly showed me his visitor sticker, tried to give Jax his new toy and kept wanting to hold him.

IMG_0174(maybe my new favorite picture of all)


Everything was a bit surreal to me. I felt so unprepared for everything that happened! I was not supposed to give birth almost two weeks early – I was in the middle of projects, didn’t finish the nursery yet, hadn’t finished all the baby laundry (thank goodness we had at least gotten out and washed all the gear) and hadn’t packed. But everything happened as it should have, and really couldn’t have gone any better. I’m very happy he was an impatient guy and was so glad I was able to have a successful VBAC, with my chosen doctor who was miraculously working that day, for the experience and the recovery. My recovery is much easier this time around (though let’s be clear there is recovery and it’s still going on) and I was able to go home the next day – which may be crazy, but I was anxious to get home with Henry.


going home






So we’re home and healthy and happy — and tired, but my mom was here for several days doing all the things, which was amazing. I’ve had my food cooked, laundry done, house cleaned, flowers and food delivered – a girl could get used to this 🙂 I guess it’s not every day you have a baby, so I’ll soak it in…along with baby snuggles and the joy of watching Henry with Jax. Seeing Henry with him is one of the most special things ever, my heart could burst every time he gives him a kiss or a face hug or tells him “it’s OK baby Jax”. He is also no longer a “big boy” but is instead a “big brother”. So so so so so awesome. I can’t believe he’s a week old already today and I seriously can’t believe he’s here – have I said that already? My heart is so full, what a perfect start to 2015!

1 week(one week old!)


(I have 2 weeks left of my maternity book to post, which I’ll still do since it needs to get done anyway. Though if it will be anything like Henry’s, it still won’t be printed a couple years later…)


ten months

ten. months. old. w.t.f.

10 months

on one hand, i hate that time is going so fast, that i don’t have the power to slow it down, for more time to savor my little baby that is growing into a not-so-little baby every day. but on the other hand, it is so exciting to see him grow every day, to see him learn every day. and i also love seeing his personality come out more and more. he’s so sweet. so funny. so weird. a little rebellious.  so henry.

this month has brought a lot of noise. banging. shaking. talking. yelling. but by far my favorite new skill is henry saying “mamama” (or “momomom”?) and “dadada”. he said momma first (because he is a momma’s boy after all) and dada followed. he doesn’t say them in reference to us yet, but it does make your heart burst when you hear it. though sometimes he says “momomom” in a tone and volume that doesn’t not sound like a good thing, then next he says “dadada” in the sweetest, softest, littlest voice and for sure, then, i know he’s saying my name as a bad word.

month by month


nine months

my tiny man turned three quarters of a year last week!

9 months

though he can be…difficult at times (what baby isn’t?), he is so funny, so spunky, so sweet. i wish i could bottle up his laughter, and do anything to make him laugh. he is such a light in our life. it’s hard to believe he’s already nine months, but it also feels like i’ve known him forever, so i can’t believe he’s only nine months at times.

he’s totally on the move, crawling like a little speed demon and using everything as a push toy. i love when he crawls over to his walker, stands right up and starts cruising around (though he doesn’t get very far without running into something and getting stuck). his bajillion toys are no longer good enough and he would rather play with everything he shouldn’t. if he does care to play with his toys, it looks like a tornado came through, as he has to play with all the toys since each only holds his attention for 30 seconds or less. he also doesn’t like daddy to work, crawling into his office and distracting him only like 50 times a day. oh, and he finally got a tooth! the first, the bottom middle right at 8 1/2 months, and then the second bottom middle followed the next week. i thought i would miss his gummy smile, but the two tiny teeth are just so adorable.

holy moly i have to start planning his first birthday soon!

month by month

just some outtakes…quite the silly boy!

nine months 006 nine months 007 nine months 012 nine months 014 nine months 017 nine months 018{he would go head first off that thing (and has the bed, ouch) if i didn’t stop him. he has no fear yet, unfortunately.}

have a great weekend!


happy easter!

happy easter from our little bunny.

happy easter

of course i couldn’t just pick one to share. or three. or ten. i hate decisions, remember?

march 079 march 076_edit march 080 march 088_edit march 090 march 108

i wish he would sit still for photo shoots nowadays. and smile on command. (and go get me a drink…) though i guess i sweat out some fat chasing him and moving him. but he does look like quite the bunny crawling.

march 103 march 106_edit bunny

of course he found the puffs and cheerios i hid in the eggs to make noise. i just love him eating.

march 097 march 099 yummy

holidays are back to magical with kids.

enjoy your day!


bandana bib

can we talk for a quick sec about how daylight savings time sucks? who invented this? how do some follow it and some not? will they ever change their mind and get rid of it? please? how else is my baby supposed to know what the heck time it is?


as i mentioned in my dipped wooden bead necklace post, leading up to the latest pinterest challenge i actually completed not one but two projects! yes, i was super proud of myself, and it felt good to get back into the creative saddle. it didn’t hurt that they were both super easy and fast.

my second project was one i had been meaning to do forever, and wish i had sooner, since it really was super quick:

bandana bib

i mean, look at that cuteness! totes better than the standard bibs. now he can drool in style.

i didn’t take pictures of the process really. i referred to a couple tutorials i found, a no-sew one (though i wanted it more finished) and this one with a template (but i didn’t use the template).

the process was quite simple, and you could even simplify it even more if you wanted.

1. cut an 11 inch square out of your front and back fabric (10 1/2 or 10 inch may work too depending on seam allowance and your baby’s neck)

2. lay fabrics right sides together

3. cut from corner to corner making two triangles – now you can make two bibs!

4. carefully fold one of your bibs in half, and cut an arc from the corner to the middle. marking a line first would be less nerve-wracking, but i decided to wing it. this step you can easily skip, but i wanted a little less bulk/folding at the neck. next time i might even do more of an arc; i was a bit unsure when doing this one and i don’t know if it made too much of a difference.

cutting neckline

5. unfold and with the right sides together still, pin and sew around the bib, leaving a couple inch gap unsewn (i recommend not right at the corner, it will be easier to turn).

*if you’re sewing with a knit, like my black and white fabric, i found that sewing with it on the top (flannel on the bottom) and putting a piece of tissue paper on top of it (just sew right through it) helped not stretch & pull the knit while sewing.

6. turn bib inside out through the gap so the right sides are facing out. fold in the gap seam allowance, pin, and sew a top stitch around the entire bib.

7. attach either a snap set or velcro to the ends. remember that the nub part of the snap or the rough part of velcro should be on the right side of the fabric so it faces up (not towards their neck), and the corresponding snap or velcro should be on the wrong side of the fabric on the other end. done!

bandana bib

let’s discuss snaps. this was my first time using them. and while i love the professional look of them, i, excuse my language, f’in hate the implementation of them. i bought not one but two snap fasteners, and they both blow (this one and one similar to this one, can’t find the actual one). both need a hammer, and even after banging the crap out of them, they wouldn’t attach to the fabric securely. i went through probably five sets of snaps to one to work ok, if you used it gently – until you don’t and it comes off the fabric, making it useless.  then i made a second bib for my nephew, and bam, there goes another five sets of snaps, for me to then give up and attach velcro.  but i like the look of the snap so much better, so i’m not entirely ready to give up on them yet. does anyone have any tips for how to use the tools i bought, or can recommend a different snap fastener tool?

bandana bib

and of course this was an excuse for a photo shoot, because what isn’t? a day ending with ‘day’ is an excuse 😉 (did that even make sense? i’ve been really corny lately, poor henry who has to listen to me all day. ryan just makes fun of me.)

bandana bibbandana bib

bandana bib bandana bib bandana bib bandana bib bandana bib

enjoy your day!


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