Merry Christmas

Just a quick pop-in to say Merry Christmas!

christmas card 2014 front_2

One day Henry was in the best mood, agreeing to everything, so we had an impromptu photo shoot for a Christmas card photo. He’s just the cutest thing, and I cannot believe that next year at this time I will have a 3 1/2 year old AND an 11 month old. Crazy! Don’t worry, this year we’re not thinking too far ahead and are savoring the last one with just Henry — of course he will be getting spoiled – it’s so hard not to do. I mean, look at that face and smile!

back IMG_1809 IMG_1829

Hope you get spoiled and/or enjoy doing the spoiling!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



our christmas

happy new year! can you believe it’s 2014? i can’t, though when i think about how it will be 2025 when i officially have a teenager (my boy growing up and looking so old is what gets me thinking about this), 2014 doesn’t seem so crazy. i haven’t made any resolutions, but perhaps one should be to blog more, huh?

going back in time, all the way back to 2013, this year’s christmas was even better than last year, since henry was older. he still doesn’t understand the concept of christmas, and was hysterical crying for at least five minutes after seeing santa this year (quite different then last year; although can you blame him? this santa was horrible looks-wise.), but it was so much fun to buy for him and see him love the presents he got – he wanted to everything to be opened immediately to be played with, but yet moved on to the next present well (and wanted it to play with it immediately, and so on and so on). this year was a bit different than past years as celebrations were small and plenty (versus one small one on christmas eve then seeing tons of family on christmas), but it was also nice to be more relaxed (and convenient).

Henry santa 2

we were so glad to be able to celebrate with my sister and her boyfriend the weekend before christmas while they were in town for a family wedding (which was also tons of fun). a couple days later on christmas eve we went to a lovely mass at my parent’s church where henry was surprisingly well behaved (minus lots of talking), enjoyed a yummy dinner and the ‘kids’ (ahem my 26- and almost 18-year-old siblings) opened a present each – henry got new jammies to wear that night, which i think will be a new tradition. christmas day henry slept in until 9 am. i repeat, 9 am. of course i was excited and up for a while sitting in bed, drinking coffee, willing him to wake up. then he was in a bad mood and had to be happy-fied with some curious george before we went downstairs. and then i think we were so excited to show him his new kitchen that santa brought him (that the elves were up until almost midnight working on) that we scared him, but it didn’t take him long to start playing with it. by the time presents were done, and pancakes were eaten (that i had to go out in my pi’s and buy sugar for at a 7-11 because i didn’t have two tablespoons of sugar in the entire house!) it was 11:30! we decided to sneak in some sledding before my family came over, and followed it up with cooking, more presents, finally stockings (we ran out of time earlier, i couldn’t believe i!) and a delicious dinner if i do say so myself.

here’s the sh*t ton of pictures from our christmas activities and celebrations. god speed getting through them 🙂

jenna logan henryHenry tree henry train Henry smile Henry christmas outfit Henry christmas outfit 2 family pic 2 tree kitchenstockingssink henry mom christmas morning henry dad new bike playing kitchensledding henry sledding sledding 2 jord_henry big gift stocking table Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 1.47.38 PM new book new truck jarrett kiss barn dinner jord henry jarrett reading to henry

hope yours was just as magical!


christmas 2012

i feel like as you get older, birthdays and holidays lose their excitement a bit. don’t get me wrong, i still love the day that celebrates me, and christmas is my favorite time of year, but it’s not the same as when you’re a kid. but it turns out having a kid is just as good, or perhaps even better since you are the one bringing them such joy. sure, henry was too young to understand christmas and santa (and i can’t wait until he does), but the magic was back in full force.

family of three


christmas morning

henry present

christmas 007








henry nick




henry jord

gracie henry


we had a lovely christmas eve at my parents’ continuing our traditions of christmas eve mass, opening a present (if there is one that is useful for the night like a game), a delicious dinner and playing games (and, um, drinking too much ;)). christmas morning was full of present opening (with some really great presents!), eating paper and ribbons (henry only), and getting the house and food ready for the 36 total people attending christmas dinner at my parents’. it was a packed house, which is how i love christmas, and it was so great to catch up with cousins and grandparents and eating way too much delicious food. henry did so well, happy as could be getting passed from person to person, until dinner time, of  course. but once he was fed he was happy again and i could actually eat my cold but delicious dinner.

such a great first christmas with henry, and i already can’t wait for next year!

how was your christmas? did you get everything you wanted?


merry merry


just wanted to pop in and say merry christmas! i hope santa was good to you and you have a lovely day with those you love.

henry’s first christmas has been everything i’ve dreamed of, complete with a long nap – one of the best presents a mom can get 🙂

i’m off to enjoy the 36 people headed to my parents’ house…