pinterest challenge {i’m baaaaaack}


last week another pinterest challenge was thrown down by several blogs i follow, young house love, bower power and, this time around, decor and the dog. i missed the last two challenges and i figured henry wasn’t cutting it as much of an excuse anymore, eight months later. so i was determined to do something, anything to get back in the creative saddle. and that something had to be quick, as henry’s naps are marginal and now he doesn’t stay where i put him. the nerve.

after i picked out my pinspiration, i cruised over to joann fabrics for supplies for my project and…the city of chicago doesn’t allow what i needed to be sold, which was glass etching cream. now let me go off on a tangent here for a sec, and say chicago: screw you! i knew you banned spray paint – lot of good that’s done. and now glass etching cream? is there a gang movement of etching windows that i haven’t heard about? how am i supposed to get my craft on?! i can’t wait till i move to the burbs. {end rant}

so i had to find a plan b, with little time to spare as the little monster back home (i was out of the house, alone!) needed to eat soon. and this pin was it, a super easy but pretty wood bead necklace from one of the hosts of the challenge, decor and the dog. i bought the beads (now that i’m looking back at hers, her beads were bigger. i may like the bigger beads better. can’t decide) and black ribbon (black is my go-to color), both with 40% off coupons, of course, so this project was also cheap. during henry’s short naptime i got to work, and finished!

wooden bead necklace

i followed the super simple steps from decor and the dog, but complicated it by ‘dipping’ my beads in gold (because i’m a sucker for gold + black). so instead of a 5 minute project it was about 15 minutes. 15 minutes for a project i can do.

wood bead necklace supplies

in my craft supplies i had three options for gold, shown in the image above (two acrylic paints and rub ‘n buff) – and surprise, surprise, rub ‘n buff won out. because it’s the best ever.

to ‘dip’ (and by dip i mean paint with a brush) my beads i took a piece of painters tape (ripped in half lengthwise since my beads were small enough) and placed it around the bead a little more than halfway down, rubbing the edges of the tape with a credit card to seal tightly. to create a stand to dry i nipped the tape on the bottom in four places. then i painted on the rub ‘n buff and let dry on the stand stuck to a paper plate.  (and because i used rub ‘n buff, i had to do the ‘buff’ part of the name and buffed the beads once dry. if you use paint there’s no buffing needed.)

tape stand

gold beads

string them on the ribbon, tie a knot, tie a bow, and done!

wooden bead necklace

wooden bead necklace

wooden bead necklace

i do recommend lightly singeing the ends of the ribbon over a candle to seal the ribbon so it doesn’t fray. so maybe 15 minutes and 15 seconds is more accurate 🙂


one problem with the rub ‘n buff on the beads: henry wants to eat them. and that is a no. could have guessed that…

henry eat necklace

and surprise, surprise, i actually got another project done too! a super simple and quick sewing project (because as i said before, quick is the name of the game nowadays). i was going to do a two-in-one post, but the two projects are not relevant to the other, you only have so long of an attention span, and these days i need as much blog content as i can get 🙂 so i will see you again soon, really. not to mention someone turned eight months yesterday (what?!), so there’s that post as well.

did you accept the pinterest challenge? maybe for the next one i’ll get my hands on glass etching cream and do my plan a. or maybe before…

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handprint ornament {diy}

henry has adorable, tiny hands, like all babies. and i’m sentimental and want to remember them forever. i was thisclose to buying one of those handprint ornament kits from the store but then i heard about salt dough. seemed easy, and i had all the ingredients so i tried it out. and easy it was. the hardest part was getting henry to keep his hand spread out while not grabbing the dough.

diy handprint ornament

first make your salt dough.

salt dough:
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water

mix together until fully incorporated. knead dough for 7-10 minutes, or until soft and smooth. roll out to your desired thickness on a floured surface, mine was about a quarter-inch. create your ornaments, poke a hole in each for hanging (with a straw or skewer) and either bake in a 200 degree oven for a couple of hours or air dry a few days until dry. once painted (or not),  spray with a couple of coats of poly to seal and help it last.

diy salt dough handprint ornament 1

i pressed henry’s hand in the dough before cutting out – it was a bigger target for his wriggling hand. after i used a bowl to cut a circle around his handprint. then before baking i  stamped his name in the dough – one time with ink, one time without (i made two in case). after baking the ink was completely visible (which means it works), however, i didn’t like my execution of it. but you can leave all the decorations until after drying, the dough takes paints well.

after quickly sanding rough edges (i wasn’t very clean with my cutting) i spray painted the entire ornament white, then painted the stamped letters with gold rub ‘n buff.

diy salt dough handprint ornament

handprint ornament in tree

diy handprint ornament

please ignore the execution of these (they were done quickly and without much thought) but the leftover salt dough can be used for extra handprints or additional ornaments, shaped any way you please (cookie cutters would work well, of which i have none). (that’s an h for henry, i wasn’t spelling ‘oh’ or ‘ho’)

salt dough ornaments

perfect for a last-minute gift for the grandparents or to hang on your own tree to remember those itty bitty hands.

henry and ornament

hand henry

henry drool henry

what, you thought i would have a post without henry in it? 😉

are you ready for christmas? i have just a couple small gifts to get still (ugh, i hate being this last-minute, and i don’t know when i’ll get to them) and just a couple small ones to wrap. i. am. so. excited!


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diy flocked wrapping paper

i had a lot of flocking powder left over from my henry art for the nursery. and i had a shower gift to wrap with not a lot of paper options suitable for a boy shower. so i jazzed up kraft paper with flocking powder for velvety, personalized wrapping paper.

flocked wrapping paper

instead of glue/mod podge i used double-sided alphabet stickers this time.


the hardest part about this project was getting the dang stickers off the roll. once they were placed on the paper, i poured on the flocking powder, making sure the letters were covered and slightly pressed down to adhere. once I tapped off the excess my diy wrapping paper was ready.

before:flocked wrapping paper before


flocked wrapping paper after

velvet letters


the possibilities for wrapping paper designs + flocking powder is endless (names, quotes, stripes, stenciled designs, oh my!) which is good, because i still have tons of flocking powder left over. look for flocking powder projects until 2019…


sucker for seersucker {nursery: crib bumpers}

i made my little precious munchin-to-be crib bumpers. in part to save money, but also because i couldn’t find any that fit my nursery “vision”. continuing the loose nautical theme, one side is blue striped seersucker, and the other orange striped seersucker (i am a sucker for seersucker). i think the narrow stripes are a great complement to the navy and white striped crib skirt i made.



i don’t have a tutorial for these – i simply followed the directions that came with the bumper pads (bought with a 50% off coupon). they were pretty simple, but very time consuming. if i were to ever make them again, i would change a couple things: 1. put the bumper pads in the crib before starting to make sure they are the correct fit (they are a bit long for my crib, causing some overlapping, bending and gaping which is driving. me. crazy.)  2. figure out a solution for the ties other than making my own – making 24 ties was the devil (ribbon?) 3. add piping along the top edges (which was my original plan but abandoned the idea after i cut the fabric to cover the piping too narrow and didn’t have any more patience)

blue seersucker

orange seersucker

side view

corner view

full nursery reveal to come! (…someday)


(before anyone gets judgey  (bitch please), i am aware bumpers pose a sids risk. these will only be used when henry is older and over the risk of sids.)

pinterest challenge: winter edition

the winter edition of the pinterest challenge, hosted by young house love and bower power, was announced last week and now it’s show and tell time!

(see my past pinterest challenge projects  here and here)

though i have a lengthy to-do list for henry and his nursery, i decided to take a baby break and spring-ify my front door with a moss-covered monogram that i’ve had my eye on.

the pin:


after a quick trip to joann fabrics (my bff) for supplies i was armed to complete my project.

supplies{moss, cardboard letter, glue gun and lots of glue sticks, ribbon}

the process was simple – select a nice piece of moss, slather an area of the letter with glue and stick the moss on. the moss varied in color and i tried to spread out the colors.

(i purchased three packs of moss – just in case – and used just over a package. i probably could have gotten away with only one, but i preferred using brighter green moss and broke into my second package for more of it. )

apply moss

the project was easy and took me less than two hours, though i burned off a couple fingerprints and it was quite messy. i found little pieces of moss everywhere. including in my shirt (no picture).



i can’t lie, i was a bit skeptical as it was a bit more ‘fluffy’ than i would like and it reminded me of oscar the grouch fur, but in the end i’m very happy with it.

moss s


top(though i had enough moss, to save time and fingerprints i didn’t completely cover the top as it wasn’t going to be seen)

it’s a great addition to my front door and i love that it’s a unique, personal ‘wreath’.

on door


green’s one of my favorite colors, and i smile when i see the reminder of spring on my door when i come home – just in time for st. patrick’s day!

s on door

as always, i enjoyed the pinterest challenge since it ‘forced’ me to get a project done. and while i’m super excited for my little henry and love creating for him, it was nice to switch modes and get something done for the house that would have been on the backburner otherwise. can’t wait till the next challenge!

did you take on the challenge? would love to see what you did!


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p.s. happy 5th birthday to the bestest friend you could ever have and my furry first born, beck!

the farmhouse dining table

it was previewed in my thanksgiving recap post, but a project of this caliber – a homemade farmhouse table – deserves its own post. finally, over a month later, i officially present  our largest project to date (not counting the baby that isn’t ‘done’ yet):


it was a bit complicated, and because ryan did a lot of steps while i was not there to photograph and write things down, this isn’t a tutorial. but i do have a couple process shots along with (too) many beauty shots.

i designed the table and ryan had the skills to make it happen. while not 100% complete – we need to add some metal bars along the perimeter underneath for support (ignore the temporary wood support) – it is just as we had envisioned, and perhaps even more.

my starting point was this inspiration pic:

farmhouse table inspiration{pinned via amber interiors}

i didn’t see a lot of wood legs i liked and finally decided to mix farmhouse with mid-century modern and ordered hairpin legs from

for the wood, i wanted to stay true to the farmhouse style and use reclaimed wood. we picked out some reclaimed old-growth wood at the rebuilding exchange. it was gray and weathered and imperfect to perfection. ryan cut boards to size and we laid them out to make sure the size was what we needed.


ryan then worked his magic and put together the table with some tongues and grooves (made making lots and lots of cuts with the table saw), glue and brad nails.


makin grooves{making some grooves. lots more cuts to go}

once put together it was much to uneven – we want it to be functional and be able to have wine glasses stay standing, after all – so the day before thanksgiving ryan built a huge jig to router the table smooth.  into the night ryan and my sister-in-law, sarah (and me for like 2 minutes) routed the table smooth. it did take off the gorgeous gray finish of the wood though. while i miss the gray i love having a smooth table even more.



sarah route

debris{it makes quite a mess}

with the gray was gone, i had to come up with a plan b for the table. luckily i actually planned ahead and had ordered liming wax.

put together{before liming wax}

i had never used liming wax before, but ended up loving the white wash effect the wax had. it just looks so…soft.

white wash

{the bench looks great with the table}

bench{love the hairpin table legs and hairpin bench legs. cohesion!}

besides the diy bench, i bought ghost chairs to complete the seating. i love the them – but not as much as the table.

farmhouse table


hairpin leg

tongue and groove

edge{one of my favorite parts is the irregular edge}

table gallery wall

head of the table

gallery wall view{i love this view of my gallery wall + farmhouse table + ghost chairs}

white wash

view from above

i’m not sure how many times i can say ‘love’, but i’ll wrap this post up with two more: i love my table, and i love my husband for his skill in bringing my vision to life.


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pinterest challenge: fall edition

they did it again. young house love and bower power threw down another pinterest challenge. i was all over it like white on rice, since i love a good diy and i love to have the nudge to do it.

i couldn’t decide which of the hundreds of pins to be inspired by, but after wandering through michaels for a while and seeing what was available and what wasn’t, i decided on artwork, again.  i have two bedrooms that have nothing on the walls, as well as a gallery wall that could always be added to, so i couldn’t go wrong. plus, i actually pinned this artwork (two renditions) twice, so it must have been meant to be.

the inspiration:

inspiration{pinned from style by emily henderson}


though pinned on two separate occasions months apart, both inspiration pieces are by the same uk artist, sarah & bendrix on etsy.

at michaels i picked up the supplies i didn’t have at home, and then got to work.


supplies: shadow box frame, paper for background, paper for hearts (i picked up two pieces of slightly textured white cardstock for a white on white scheme), mod podge & foam brush for applying, glitter, heart punch (or you can make your own stencil, but the punch saved tons of time)

i started off by cutting a piece of the cardstock to fit the back of my frame.


(my frame was kind of weird and i need to cut notches).

i then punched a bunch of hearts out of the leftover cardstock.


after mocking up a layout and measuring my hearts, i made a grid of tiny dots where i would place my hearts.


there were a couple ways i could attach the hearts, and with some scrap paper and extra hearts i tried them out.

testing{sewing down the middle of the heart, folding and gluing along the fold, gluing one half of the heart}

sewing was too noticeable (and i was too lazy to switch to a smaller needle, let’s be honest) and i preferred both sides of the heart loose, so gluing along the fold was the winner.

like the pink heart in one of my inspiration images, i wanted to have a “special” heart. since i’m currently obsessed with gold and glitter, a gold glitter heart it was (i tried silver but the gold won my heart over, of  course).

because i wanted the glitter to only be on my special heart, i started with it first. using what was left of my paper after punching the hearts out as a stencil, i centered it on one of my grid dots.

after brushing it with mod podge (ensuring the full heart was covered, and not too thin so it wouldn’t dry super fast) i covered the heart with glitter.


after shaking the glitter off, i had a beautiful, gold, sparkly heart.


i then attached the 63 hearts i needed using my chosen method of folding in half, brushing the back of the fold with a little mod podge and centering on my dots. they stuck well after only a second and i quickly moved through the monotonous task.

after assembling my frame, i was left with my heart artwork.


i love the subtle white-on-white hearts and the touch of glam.

side view
i have to say it turned out exactly as i had hoped.

glitter heart

i heart it. (oh how i crack myself up).


now i just need to figure out where to hang it.

(yes, i do now have two pieces of pinterest-inspired art with a gold heart. i’m nothing but consistent.)

thanks again to sherry and katie for hosting the challenge to serve as a kick in the rear to get a project done. can’t wait till next time!

did you partake in the challenge? do let me know!


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