Baby Bump #2 | 32 Weeks

Time is flying by. Thanksgiving is over (How was yours? Hope it was as good as mine! Good food, family and relaxing, nothing is much better.) and we are full swing into Christmas season. We actually got the tree and decorated the house inside and out the weekend before Thanksgiving (we were those people), which is a first for us. I blame Henry and all his Christmas movie watching. I’ve started my Christmas shopping, and most of it is done online, so I’m pretty sure the UPS and FedEx guys know where to go automatically when they see our last name. But I still have a bunch to do, though I don’t feel the time crunch, yet. I do feel a time crunch with the nursery, since it’s a bit of a disaster right now, and I’m still trying to get house projects and nursery projects done before the babe gets here in approximately 6 weeks. Yikes! Yes, I’m 34 weeks tomorrow, so this is a little late to post. Story of my life.

32 weeks

I have so much to update on, including our laundry room renovation that is going along great, and Henry transitioning to a big boy bed last week. Hopefully one day before the baby is here! Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!



Baby Bump #2 | 25 weeks

Yes! All caught up – through all the weekly photos I’ve taken.

week 25

Henry really is the sweetest and I can’t wait to see him as a big brother. Hopefully that continues once the baby is here. Though if the way he is with Beck is any indication, he’ll be super duper sweet with kisses and hugs and make your heart melt, and in the next minute you have to tell him not to sit on the dog…

Here’s the two photo collages showing the belly progress thus far:

first collage

week collage_2-01


Unrelated: I finally took photos of the hutch I made over! Now to edit the photos and write a post…


week 39 {maternity book}

week 39

hello, due date. even though i knew the chances of henry coming early were slim (first children are usually not early), i’m still disappointed he’s not here yet, and with the lack of progress seen at doctor appointments. speaking of, i had one this morning…and for the second week, no progress. it doesn’t mean everything, he can still come at any time, but it’s still frustrating. and, due to my doctor’s schedule and my lack of progress, there will be no making henry come until the 26th. as in, 11 days from now. as in, i will give birth to a toddler.


week 37 {maternity book}

week 37

i can’t believe i used – and posted – a photo of me in a swim suit 37 weeks pregnant. i have no shame. ok, maybe a little. but i’m over it.

it’s june! henry’s birth month! the countdown is only 14 days now. i’m excited and nervous, but mainly excited. he can come anytime now, i’m ready. (ok, maybe anytime after sunday since ryan is going out of town.)

have a great weekend! i’ll be finishing up last minute projects, organizing, sanitizing and shopping.


maternity photo shoot

a couple weeks ago (during week 34) we had a maternity photo shoot with a friend who’s starting her own photography business, jenna marie photography. i’ve been taking my own photos for my weekly maternity book, but it was so nice to have someone else take pictures instead of running back and forth from my tripod — and it gave a reason for ryan to cooperate and be in photos too. just wanted to share some of my faves…(some may be an understatement)







belly chair


ry and i

hands belly


henry belly



thank you jenna! i can’t wait to frame a couple for the nursery.


p.s. full term tomorrow!