Baby Bump #2 | Weeks 37 & 38

I had these done, so I might as well post them! The final two weeks of my pregnancy, which was very unexpected.
week 37-01


week 38-01

And then he came, less than 48 hours after I took week 38’s picture and wrote the blurb. Who knew he would listen so well? Let’s hope that continues…(though based on his fussiness lately…notsomuch. #sendalcohol #andearplugs #andsweetbabymagic)

Here’s a look at the growing bump from start to finish…

first collage week collage_2-01 week collage_3-01

week collage_4-01




Road trip to Panama City Beach

Hello! Happy Spring! It’s finally starting to get warmer here, though I say that lightly since even though today is supposed to be 60 degrees (amazing!), it’s back down to the thirties after that. This winter has been awful and long and cold and snowy and awful, have I mentioned awful? As it happened, there was a free place for us to stay in Panama City Beach in January, so we hit the road in search of warmer weather. While we knew it wouldn’t be that warm, and it wasn’t, we at least escaped the bitter cold, had a few warmish days, got outside and had sunshine. So while we will not go back to that location at that time of year in the future, it was still worth it (and would go back to Panama City Beach when it’s hot there, it was great).

It was a loooong drive down, but luckily Henry is basically addicted to Curious George and was in heaven when he got to watch it for hours straight and caused us no issues. It also helped that we stopped twice on the way down and once on the way back to break up the drive. We left on a Saturday and drove the seven hours, in part through basically a blizzard, to Bowling Green, Kentucky where we stayed with my sister and her boyfriend. Sunday we drove the hour to Nashville and stayed there for a day/night since we had never been and enjoyed some good food, country music and (watching) line dancing. We finally arrived in Panama City Beach early Monday evening and were greeted with the first of  many amazing sunsets, sand as fine as flour and a gorgeous condo to stay in. While there we hit the beach a lot, soaking in all the vitamin D we could get, despite less than ideal beach temperatures, shopped and ate a ton (yay for ultra fresh seafood). And during nap time I had nothing to do except read books and browse the internets, I loved it. It was so exciting to see how much Henry loved the beach. Like, threw himself down in the sand to “swim” in it over and over again loved it. It really made the trip worth it. Henry picked out a shovel at the souvenir shop and it barely left his hands; he had to carry it down to the beach himself, it was too cute (and has since slept with it a couple nights at home). And let’s discuss sunsets again. OMG sunsets. Breathtaking. Judging by the amount of pictures I took of them I’m a teeny bit obsessed.

So here’s more pictures than you ever wanted to see of someone else’s vacation. But dang it, there were great picture taking moments and I just couldn’t cull down any more.


car waves Hen Jen fish kayakhotel bed nashville Nashville Wild Horse

balcony Henry view kitchen living room {Henry is taking a business call; also, LOVE the table}view greeting us 2 view greeting us {that chandelier, mmmm hmmm}master bedroom {master}master master bedroom_bed master bath bedroom 2 {2nd bedroom}bath 2 third bedroom{third bedroom; bath not pictured}mom henry b&wtoes in water{first time with his feet in the ocean}

henry ryan sunsethenry mom beachhenry beach playing in sand sand playing sunset shoulders superman pool pool beach pier running naptime

walk {walking with a stroller on a beach is impossible}sunsets panama city beach palm trees oysters henry glasses condo beach shoulder ride buried 3 buried 2 buried 4 buried daddy digging chase carry shovel Beach modeling Beach modeling 2 digging 2 digging dolphin toy henry beach sky henry beach sky 2 ice {yea, it was pretty cold during a morning walk}in hole justine & henry sunset sunset walk sunset shoveling ryan & henry sunset shoveling shovel carrying sandy mouth sandcastles getting buried drinking in bed

breakfast sleeping in bed {Henry slept in real late the day we left, the week of sun wore him out}sleeping

Gosh I love vacations. And sunsets. And my boys.

Have a great weekend!


weekend recap {fall family fun}

fall family fun –  i love some alliteration. i also loved this past weekend. we finally had no obligations and planned some good old fashioned family time. after snuggles, naked jumparoo time and whatnot saturday, we hit up a pumpkin farm to take ridiculously cute photos of henry and buy some pumpkins (and we didn’t forget apple cider donuts and a caramel apple, either). then we went to ryan’s favorite place on earth, outback, where we enjoyed too much food while henry enjoyed the coasters. sunday we continued our family fest and enjoyed the gorgeous weather at the zoo. henry basically slept through it, but woke in time to take more ridiculously cute photos. along the way henry enjoyed his first big boy stroller ride and el ride – all while matching his mom in one of her favorite shirts 🙂 (i’m sure he’ll look back and be so embarrassed, but i can’t help myself)





henry and i

Ryan and Henry

ry henry

eating pumpkin

huge pumpkins


eating coaster

happy stroller

stroller feet

weeping willow








what didn’t happen was my to do list. my toilets are disgusting. a casserole didn’t get made. i have a half finished sewing project still sitting there, waiting. but what did happen is what matters. the memories we made.


life lately {aka lots of baby photos}

just some of my life lately.

being naked.





eating things.


eat zebra

hanging with friends & family.











being cute. being happy.

tummy time

post bath




bears shirt



man i love that kid with all my heart.

i go back to work in less than two weeks. i’m crushed. devastated. in denial. already crying about it. i really, truly don’t know how i’m going to miss him all day, five days a week. he’s my best friend. i wish i could put him in my pocket and bring him with. or be at home with him. whatever. so i’m going to savor these last days where my only concern is henry. i’ll be back…someday 🙂