i love packages

woah, that sounds kind of bad. i’m talking about mail (not male) packages. i just received one at work and had to share right now because i love it so. much.

new purse
a new leather hobo purse! with pockets for all my crap!

new purse inside
with inside pockets (must have)! and fabulous purple stripe lining!

(please excuse the horrible iphone pics)

it was love at first sight and i had to have it. i know, i know, i’m supposed to be saving money. but, it met one of my conditions–i would totally regret it if i didn’t buy it. it was a.) fabulous  b.) 55% off and c.) highly regrettable if not purchased. so in my cart it went and it is now mine. my first real leather purse (can you believe it?). maybe now i won’t need to buy a new purse every six months or so. maybe.

i found this great deal on hautelook.com. have you heard of it? hautelook offers 50-75% off select products during 48 hour sale events (click here for an invite if you would like to join). there are limited quantities and you have to act fast if you want something since the deals are so great. it’s one of my new fave things (also: onekingslane.com – same concept. i have deals that make me want to buy lots of things coming out my ears. must. resist.)

anywho, i’m super excited for my new purse and just had to share. who doesn’t like to share when they get something totally awesome and for a great price?


p.s. how many times can i say words like fabulous or super or awesome or use exclamation points?

p.p.s. the personalized burp cloths and my favorite new lonny pics are still coming….was just too excited and had to write this post

this is not a paid post. just wanted to share the love (of deals).


4 thoughts on “i love packages

  1. Nice looking purse Tina. I love how you justify new purchases. I just buy. I stopped justifying things after mini 21 was born. Why?? Having a child entitles you to a year of presents due to the ‘hard’ (epidural) labor that I endured 🙂
    I’m glad you enjoyed your package 🙂

    • LOL. damn, i need to get on this labor business so i don’t have to justify purchases. btw, ryan already said “another purse??” and then claimed i bought a new one every three months. men just don’t understand. and thanks!

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