last tuesday night ryan and i saw ray lamontagne in concert at the pritzker pavilion in millennium park. it. was. awesome.

ray was simply amazing. he sounded as good or better than he does in the studio and played a great set list.



the venue almost outshone the artist. this was our first concert at pritzker and we were mesmerized. it was impressive during the day, but at night it came alive. though i haven’t been to a lot of other venues, i have to guess that pritzker is one of the coolest venues there is. outdoors. beautiful. great acoustics. in the middle of millennium park, with the chicago skyline all around.

pritzker - glowing(the drummer looked like a holograph with the blue lights)


(the pictures i took with my crappy point and shoot and phone do not do it justice.)

we were together, outside feeling the breeze, listening to great music, surrounded by the city we love. it was a good night.

if you have a chance to see a concert at pritzker, i highly recommend it. the free concerts throughout the summer are a perfect opportunity to experience it for yourself – perhaps i’ll see you there!



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