diy coat rack & faux foyer

the last time we saw my apartment entry way dining room corner, i found a basket that corralled the many pairs of shoes littering the dining room corner.

final basket

and i revealed our dining room table standing in for a coat rack.

table mess

something had to be done, and i had an idea. our building is pretty old, and has some great details–the carved wood columns between the dining and living room, six-inch-plus baseboards, moldings around doors, doorways and windows and chair rail moldings in the hallway and kitchen. i wanted to emulate the chair rail moldings and bring it up for a built-in coat rack that looks like it’s been there for a while.

with ryan’s help i got ‘er done, and i love it. here’s what we did.

at home depot we bought a six-foot length (we trimmed it at the store since it was pay-per-foot) of what ryan calls “lattice” wood (thin and about six inches wide).


it was a bit wider than what we needed so at home ryan trimmed it lengthwise so it was  four inches wide.

cut width

after measuring the corner walls, ryan cut the board into two pieces. then he cut a 45 degree angle on one end of each board for the corner.

cut angle

before attaching to the wall i brushed the boards with a coat of primer. once dry, the two boards were attached to the wall with a brad nailer (the empty space between the boards at the corner will disappear with the next step)

next the gaps in the corner and against the door and window moldings were filled with caulk, and the countersunk nail holes were spackled. after sanding and taping, three coats of paint (leftover paint from when our molding were painted white when we moved in) were applied.

i bought black hooks from hobby lobby and used rub ‘n buff (“it is made of awesomeness” – my sister-in-law) to turn them gold, since i’m currently obsessed with gold. i loved how they looked, but when they attached to the wood up they were just too… gold against the white.

gold hooks

while spray paint would have been the best (easiest) option, rather than unscrewing the hooks i left them in place and painted them white using the same paint i painted the wood with (they took about three coats). i also hung up the awesome metal initials and a totally cute heart key hook i picked up at urban outfitters.


the white is so much better. they blend in with the wood but you can still the pretty details.


the project turned out exactly as i had imagined – or maybe even better. since the same paint color and molding style was used as the rest of the apartment , it looks like it’s been there the whole time.


caulked corner{the gap is gone}

key hook

although so pretty, the best part is it’s so functional. the table chairs are clear and my purse, umbrellas and beck’s walk necessities are off the floor and sideboard.


in use

built-in coat rack + shoe corral basket = one functional, organized faux entry way. and a happy justine.

in use

in use

one final before & after:

before and after

what are your storage solutions? are you lucky enough to have a coat closet or a real entry way (not in a dining room)?


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14 thoughts on “diy coat rack & faux foyer

  1. Love it!! Great idea to go around the corner with the hooks. The initials real add a nice decorative touch as well. I assume the “B” is for Beck since you consider him your 1st born. I’ll have to look for a basket to put Jordan’s shoe, boots, etc. in at our front door. She’s untrainable…

    • thank you. and yes, of course beck got his own letter. a basket would work well at your front door too under the coat rack. maybe jordan will be able to keep a little more organized, but it’s doubtful, ha.

  2. OMg that looks so original, like it’s been there as long as the building.

    It is DEFINITELY foyer organizing season, as the coats and boots come out, it’s on my ‘to do’ list for the weekend.

    • thanks so much kate. it is the season – the shoes bothered me a lot, but once we broke out coats and they were all over the table, i couldn’t take it any more. hope you accomplish your to-do list this weekend!

  3. LOVE this!!! It looks great and so much better than storing coats. We are lucky enough to have a hall closet but I wish I had known to do this in every other apartment I’ve had.

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