Target Goodies

You guys, Target is killing it right now, especially in their home goods, most especially their Threshold line. I want all the things. They want to take all my monies. I must be strong and resist but it is verrrrry hard. Here’s the things that wanted to come home with me during my last trip. Not surprising to me, there’s a whole lot of black, white and gold.


Love these dipped baskets. Home Goods is where I usually find my baskets, but these are pretty good prices too.

black baskets

And these black baskets. You can never have too many baskets, they are so great for laundry, toys, blankets…


Confession: my Christmas wreath is still on my front door, dead as a doornail. This wreath would be it’s perfect replacement.

turtle box

I have no prior ‘thing’ for turtles, but I really want a turtle shell box. Really badly. I just wish I had a place for it.


Another pretty box that I have no place for but want, for several Target visits now.

clear lamp

Such a great lamp. How much fun could you have putting different things in the base for different seasons or occasions?

gold geometric lamps

These gold geometric lamps are very in, for a good reason. So pretty and glam.

gold leg tables

L.O.V.E. these side tables. They had me at gold, black and white.


And this side table, so interesting.


I’m pretty certain that if I ever made myself a terrarium I would kill it even though they’re supposed to be kill proof, so these fake but cute terrariums were put in my cart…and then taken out. I don’t know where I would put them at the moment, unfortunately.

copper measuring cups

I heard copper was the ‘it’ metal now, and I have to admit these caught my eye.


OK, these stools, I want, and I actually need. I am in the market for counter stools, though since I have Henry, and future children, I’m wondering if I need to get stools with backs? Though I haven’t found any that don’t break the bank that I love yet, so I may have to just buy these cheap beauties.

What came home with me?  Of course something did, because after drooling after all of these (and more) on just one trip, a girl can only have so much willpower.

gold bowl

This gold bowl, as it was just what I was looking for to hold ‘to look at later” mail on the couch console table.

Target, you evil yet amazing thing you. I wish I had mo money and mo places to buy and put all the things.

Anything you have been eyeing or bought at Target lately?



One thought on “Target Goodies

  1. Yes. I love it all. The copper measuring cups were totally in my cart last time and I ended up realizing I don’t need them and put them back. Blast.

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