Easter mantel

Someone is not only on the ball with decorating for a holiday but also photographing it and sharing it…and that someone is me! Probably because I don’t have that many Easter decorations and I only switched out a couple things on the mantel…and Easter is late this year. But thank goodness for that, maybe it will actually feel like springtime by then.

So, here it is. Easter-fied mantel.

Easter mantel

Your mind is blown, I know. Most of the mantel is how I usually have it (the mirror, frames – with one still needing a photo, gold lantern thing, faux plants and fox) but I switched out some of the accessories.

Thank you Target for the burlap bunny garland.

bunny garland

Love these glitter eggs. I got them last year (or the year before?) at Target.

glitter eggs

On the right side of the mantel we have more eggs – the tree I got at Target last year on clearance, and the nest of eggs at…Target, where else, in the dollar section last year (but it was like $3 perhaps?).

right side

And let’s discuss this wooden pear. It’s not Easter-ish but it is my new favorite thing. I got it at a secondhand store a month or two ago. They had a smaller one too, and I’m kicking myself for not buying it. I should go back and see if it’s still there…

wooden pear

I love having a mantel to decorate now and it’s nice to change out a few things for different seasons or holidays.

Have you decorated your house for springtime or Easter?




Road trip to Panama City Beach

Hello! Happy Spring! It’s finally starting to get warmer here, though I say that lightly since even though today is supposed to be 60 degrees (amazing!), it’s back down to the thirties after that. This winter has been awful and long and cold and snowy and awful, have I mentioned awful? As it happened, there was a free place for us to stay in Panama City Beach in January, so we hit the road in search of warmer weather. While we knew it wouldn’t be that warm, and it wasn’t, we at least escaped the bitter cold, had a few warmish days, got outside and had sunshine. So while we will not go back to that location at that time of year in the future, it was still worth it (and would go back to Panama City Beach when it’s hot there, it was great).

It was a loooong drive down, but luckily Henry is basically addicted to Curious George and was in heaven when he got to watch it for hours straight and caused us no issues. It also helped that we stopped twice on the way down and once on the way back to break up the drive. We left on a Saturday and drove the seven hours, in part through basically a blizzard, to Bowling Green, Kentucky where we stayed with my sister and her boyfriend. Sunday we drove the hour to Nashville and stayed there for a day/night since we had never been and enjoyed some good food, country music and (watching) line dancing. We finally arrived in Panama City Beach early Monday evening and were greeted with the first of  many amazing sunsets, sand as fine as flour and a gorgeous condo to stay in. While there we hit the beach a lot, soaking in all the vitamin D we could get, despite less than ideal beach temperatures, shopped and ate a ton (yay for ultra fresh seafood). And during nap time I had nothing to do except read books and browse the internets, I loved it. It was so exciting to see how much Henry loved the beach. Like, threw himself down in the sand to “swim” in it over and over again loved it. It really made the trip worth it. Henry picked out a shovel at the souvenir shop and it barely left his hands; he had to carry it down to the beach himself, it was too cute (and has since slept with it a couple nights at home). And let’s discuss sunsets again. OMG sunsets. Breathtaking. Judging by the amount of pictures I took of them I’m a teeny bit obsessed.

So here’s more pictures than you ever wanted to see of someone else’s vacation. But dang it, there were great picture taking moments and I just couldn’t cull down any more.


car waves Hen Jen fish kayakhotel bed nashville Nashville Wild Horse

balcony Henry view kitchen living room {Henry is taking a business call; also, LOVE the table}view greeting us 2 view greeting us {that chandelier, mmmm hmmm}master bedroom {master}master master bedroom_bed master bath bedroom 2 {2nd bedroom}bath 2 third bedroom{third bedroom; bath not pictured}mom henry b&wtoes in water{first time with his feet in the ocean}

henry ryan sunsethenry mom beachhenry beach playing in sand sand playing sunset shoulders superman pool pool beach pier running naptime

walk {walking with a stroller on a beach is impossible}sunsets panama city beach palm trees oysters henry glasses condo beach shoulder ride buried 3 buried 2 buried 4 buried daddy digging chase carry shovel Beach modeling Beach modeling 2 digging 2 digging dolphin toy henry beach sky henry beach sky 2 ice {yea, it was pretty cold during a morning walk}in hole justine & henry sunset sunset walk sunset shoveling ryan & henry sunset shoveling shovel carrying sandy mouth sandcastles getting buried drinking in bed

breakfast sleeping in bed {Henry slept in real late the day we left, the week of sun wore him out}sleeping

Gosh I love vacations. And sunsets. And my boys.

Have a great weekend!


not the most exciting makeover in the world…

How’s that for an attention-grabbing title? I couldn’t think of how to make organizing a pantry exciting, so I just went with the truth :)

It don’t know about you, but organization makes me pretty happy. If you knew me, you may not think so, as I’m not what you call as a “neat-freak” by any means (my husband will be the first to tell you). But since I am not the neatest person, when I put things in place that help me organize and be the neater person I would like to be with less effort, I get nerdy excited about it. So when I saw the pantry organizer that Young House Love installed, I ran to Target (for the second time that week, #typical) to buy one for my own pantry.

Our pantry is pretty small, just a small closet in our kitchen, and it was jammed with food that started organized but notsomuch anymore.

pantry before

First it had to get worse before it got better.


In the process I saw we had eight types of chips/snacks open.


An entire nap time later and everything was back. And organized. And it was glorious. And we even have plenty of space left!


Here’s a breakdown on how it’s mainly organized.

Door organizationTop half pantry organized Bottom half pantry organized

Obviously we shop at Costco. (Hello two gallons each of popcorn kernels and pretzels and 1,000 feet of aluminum foil).

before and after

The photos don’t do the organization justice. Just know that every time I open the pantry door angels sing. Ok, it’s not that drastic, that jaw-dropping amazing, but I’m happy.  Sometimes it’s the little things in life. Now to replace the wire shelves with wood…


Toddler Painted Valentine Hearts

I am so not on the ball with this post; almost not even with this project. It was done on February 13th, cutting it quite close (luckily we didn’t have to mail anything). Hence this being posted after Valentine’s Day instead of before like others who think in advance.

Henry’s been loving making art lately (via chalkboard, crayons, Color Wonder markers…) and I finally attempted the dreaded paint. Dreaded due to the mess. It wasn’t too bad though since I put a drop cloth over the table, used a paint brush instead of fingers (for the most part) and Henry was shirtless so the mess was less (though I should have taken off his pants, too). I quickly, and therefore not perfectly, made a couple heart shaped outlines with painters tape on a piece of paper. I squeezed out some pink and white paint for Henry and then I simply let him paint away. I helped point out areas that needed some more paint, but other than that, he painted this all on his own. And seemed to love it. And totally ate the paint at one point. He also enjoyed the afternoon bath time that resulted from this project.

valentine art painting set up valentine art painting 5 eating paint valentine art painting 4 valentine art painting 3 valentine art painting 2 valentine art paintingbath time

After Henry was done painting, I removed the painters tape carefully (the paper got a little stuck to it in one part) and cut the paper in half for the two valentines. A little dry time and writing and then they were done.

Valentine Day Heart Art

Just a little something that let Henry do what he loves for people he loves. Awwwww.


Target Goodies

You guys, Target is killing it right now, especially in their home goods, most especially their Threshold line. I want all the things. They want to take all my monies. I must be strong and resist but it is verrrrry hard. Here’s the things that wanted to come home with me during my last trip. Not surprising to me, there’s a whole lot of black, white and gold.


Love these dipped baskets. Home Goods is where I usually find my baskets, but these are pretty good prices too.

black baskets

And these black baskets. You can never have too many baskets, they are so great for laundry, toys, blankets…


Confession: my Christmas wreath is still on my front door, dead as a doornail. This wreath would be it’s perfect replacement.

turtle box

I have no prior ‘thing’ for turtles, but I really want a turtle shell box. Really badly. I just wish I had a place for it.


Another pretty box that I have no place for but want, for several Target visits now.

clear lamp

Such a great lamp. How much fun could you have putting different things in the base for different seasons or occasions?

gold geometric lamps

These gold geometric lamps are very in, for a good reason. So pretty and glam.

gold leg tables

L.O.V.E. these side tables. They had me at gold, black and white.


And this side table, so interesting.


I’m pretty certain that if I ever made myself a terrarium I would kill it even though they’re supposed to be kill proof, so these fake but cute terrariums were put in my cart…and then taken out. I don’t know where I would put them at the moment, unfortunately.

copper measuring cups

I heard copper was the ‘it’ metal now, and I have to admit these caught my eye.


OK, these stools, I want, and I actually need. I am in the market for counter stools, though since I have Henry, and future children, I’m wondering if I need to get stools with backs? Though I haven’t found any that don’t break the bank that I love yet, so I may have to just buy these cheap beauties.

What came home with me?  Of course something did, because after drooling after all of these (and more) on just one trip, a girl can only have so much willpower.

gold bowl

This gold bowl, as it was just what I was looking for to hold ‘to look at later” mail on the couch console table.

Target, you evil yet amazing thing you. I wish I had mo money and mo places to buy and put all the things.

Anything you have been eyeing or bought at Target lately?


art table: ikea latt hack

{So I’ve been wanting a new site design, including a logo, for a while. I’ve been farting around on my computer and have gotten a bit frustrated at not being able to do exactly what I want due to lack of skills but have it in a better place. Instead of waiting and spending a million more hours trying to teach myself not only illustrator but also website shenanigans (and spending lots of money customizing stuff) and maybe never doing it, I decide to just go with what I have so far. The logo might change (I have like four more and can’t make up my mind – big surprise) and some day I might figure out how to customize the CSS so I can get the layout right (like, why aren’t my things getting centered on the sidebar? Sooooooo annoying. And I don’t want the polka dots but don’t know how to get rid of them) or even the whole layout again. Anyway. Welcome to a new you’re so martha! For now.}


Back in, oh, August, during my birthday IKEA run, I bought the LATT table for Henry. I wanted to hack it into an art table like Freckles Chick but couldn’t decide what color or colors. White? Might get ruined too quickly. Natural wood with a pop of color? What color? It sat in my garage for months and I finally got my act together late December and decided to stain it ebony, to match our floors. At the last minute I decided to spray the seat and table top with the leftover dark teal spray paint from my kitchenaid mixer update. (I still think a bold and bright pop of color would look great but have no idea what color!)

I stained all the wood pieces before I put it together, front and back. If I had read the assembly instructions through first, some pieces only needed one side stained (or even not at all, since they were on the underside). Oh well. For the seats and the tabletop I  spray primed first and then did a couple coats of the teal.  Then I put it together and was going to spray it with clear poly but was too excited for the kiddos to use it New Year’s Eve when it was finished so it was used as-is. Don’t be like me, make sure to do the poly before use! (The paint got scratched in a couple places and I had to touch it up) A couple days later Ryan helped me add a dowel rod underneath the table to hold the roll of paper; he used a couple plumbing pieces secured with heavy duty glue to hold the dowel rod underneath the table, with a notch cut out of one of them so the dowel rod could be taken in and out. A couple pieces of flat trim just over an inch wide were cut to the width of the table and stained. To raise the trim up so the paper could be fed through Ryan put a washer at each corner between the table and the trim before he screwed them in through the washer.  Finally I did a couple coats of spray poly, which I should have done before use!

Here is the LATT table au naturale.


And stained and painted:

IMG_9509 IMG_9514

Bam, an art table:


Here’s a couple detail shots of the trim and underneath so it’s more clear.

trim bottomIMG_9524

Henry loves it. I will say that the table and chairs are very light, so they are able to be pushed around very easily (we put the felt pads on the bottom of the legs) and Henry toppled over a few times while trying to get on the chair. But he’s mainly figured out how to get on and off pretty well without incident now. He’s had snacks there, and him and friends have enjoyed dinner there. Henry requests to draw everyday, and is turning into the next Van Gogh (but hopefully less tortured, his ears will stay intact and he’ll be famous before he’s dead since I could use a vacation house ;)) – or maybe Picasso from the way his drawings are so far, but let’s go with VG since he’s my fave.

Henry at table henry coloring

If only I hadn’t waited so long to do what was a pretty quick and easy project.

Art Table-IKEA LATT hack | youresomartha.com



an interview with henry {part III}

well i certainly didn’t mean to have two weeks go by without posting this, or even another post. but you know how it is. and, we went on vacation! to florida, where it wasn’t really warm (ugh!) but it was certainly warmer than home, by about a lot of degrees. don’t worry (i know you are), i have lots of photos coming – the issue is culling them down, editing, uploading, yada yada. but in the meantime, here’s another part of the “interview” i did with henry a bit back. this time with new words and no shirt :)

i die when he says fish (more like a puff of air). even though he didn’t say it too well in the video, he could say cow — although that has been replaced with “mooo”, which is preferred since it’s so cute.